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The Weird Sound of the Predicted Present Arriving on Schedule
Alex Steffen, 29 Jan 05

Bruce alerts us to this syllabus for a UC Berkeley class, taught by ally Dale Carrico, on Critical Theory, Network Politics, and “New” Media. Check out the reading list:

Christopher Allen, “Tracing the Evolution of Social Software”
Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron, “California Ideology”
John Perry Barlow, “A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace”
Walter Benjamin, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”
James Boyle, “The Second Enclosure Movement and the Construction of the Public Domain”
James Boyle, “Enclosing the Genome?”
David Brin, “Three Cheers for the Surveillance Society!”
Jamais Cascio, “Leapfrog 101”
Donna Haraway, “A Manifesto for Cyborgs”
Donna Haraway, “The Promises of Monsters”
Jeron Lanier, “One Half of a Manifesto”
Jeron Lanier, “Why Gordian Software Has Convinced Me to Believe in the Reality of Cats and Apples”
Lawrence Lessig, “The Creative Commons”
Lawrence Lessig, “What Things Regulate Speech”
Jessica Litman, “Sharing and Stealing”
Steve Mann, “The Post-Cyborg Path to Deconism”
Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky), “Material Memories”
Mark Poster, “CyberDemocracy”
Nick Rombes, “Professor DVD”
Valerie Solanas, “The SCUM Manifesto”
Charles Stross, “The Panopticon Singularity”
Bruce Sterling, “Viridian Design Speech”
David Weinberger, “Why Open Spectrum Matters”

Posting it here is joyfully recursive: Christopher Allen is a worldchanging ally; Leapfrog 101 is ours; for more on Jaron Lanier's half manifesto, you should read this interview I did with him; I commissioned Charlie's Panopticon essay for the lost last issue of Whole Earth; David Weinberger is an ally; while Lessig and Spooky are fellow-travellers, and, of course, many of the WorldChanging krewe met through the Viridian list.

I'm really happy to see many of the thinkers I most respect and like gathered under one educational roof -- it's like an all-star team of some of my most valued colleagues -- but I'm positively thrilled to know that the kids comin' up are wrestling with these questions about technology, its uses and its dangers in their formative years. As Bruce says, "I wish I was 19 years old and
immersed in that. Welcome to the 21st century."

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This is the first time I've ever heard of a class making blog entries as its reading list.

Posted by: __earth on 29 Jan 05

much of doug rushkoff's 'theoretical perspectives on interactivity' class at nyu's itp took place in blogspace last year. wonderful trend

Posted by: aphid on 29 Jan 05

I am so glad you posted this, Alex. It makes me extremely proud to see my son's name, along with many others that I admire, on the reading list for this course. I agree with Mr. Sterling and also wish I were 19 again and learning everything anew. How exciting are the times in which we live!

Posted by: JACQUELINE CASCIO on 29 Jan 05

Although the original poster listed this as a Cal class, in fact it is taught at the San Francisco Art Institute. I am in the class and so far, it is quite invigorating indeed.

Posted by: Justin on 2 Feb 05



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