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Biology News
Jamais Cascio, 8 Feb 05

Dear WorldChanging,

Where can I find regularly updated headlines on the biosciences appropriate for non-specialists, but with none of the distractions of those other sciences in the mix? Oh, and RSS-friendly, please.

DNAching for Information

Dear DNAching,

Try Biology News. It covers biotech, stem cell research, bioscience news, even has a discussion forum. It runs a little heavy on the Google Ad placement, but what are you gonna do?


(via SciScoop)

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if you don't want google ads, just use adblock for firefox to block googles ad server.
it works great for blocking all adds, even the annoying flash ones

Posted by: enopepsui on 8 Feb 05

Hi there,

I'm the webmaster / owner of Biology News... cool to see my efforts getting some recognition :)

As for the heavy Google Ads placement, what are you gonna do? Well, inform me that its too much :) Based on your input, I just reorganized ads on the website. They're here for one reason : running the website cost me time and money, neither are infinite in my book :) In a perfect world I wouldn't run ads. I chose Adsense because they offer on-topic, informative ads based on content. Most of the time I find them interesting enough to copy / paste them in my address bar (I cant click them), so I think they're not too intrusive. Please don't block them; they help me support the site / continue to publish news.

If you have further feedback, we have a forum with a suggestions / feedback board :)

In the meantime, enjoy your Biology news!

Posted by: FiReaNG3L on 8 Feb 05

F, thanks for this. I look forward to seeing how Biology News evolves over time.

Posted by: Jamais Cascio on 9 Feb 05



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