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Namibia Anticipates Climate Change
Alex Steffen, 22 Feb 05

Namibia is taking seriously global warming, even instituting a program to help its citizens prepare for expected changes:

Namibia's national programme on climate change has determined that by 2100, the sea level is expected to have risen by more than a metre, inundating parts of Walvis Bay and affecting important ground water sources. Minimum and maximum temperatures are likely to increase by between two and six degrees Celsius in the next 96 years. The increased temperatures and reduced rainfall will gravely affect livestock farming and crop production, which will in turn affect food security, poverty levels and export earnings. [The country's Climate Change Programme Co-ordinator, Joseph] McGann said Namibia would have to direct its energies towards finding alternative water sources, doing research on crop types with greater drought tolerance and improving its health services to deal with an increase in malaria.

This is incredibly smart. Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to take the worst brunt of climate change's effects, and forewarned is at least to some degree forearmed. Climate foresight, in places like Namibia, may be a matter of life and death.

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