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Hybrid Snowblower. No, really.
Jamais Cascio, 4 Mar 05

Speaking of Honda, while poking around looking for details on their hybrid scooter, I ran across this gem: the HSS1170i hybrid-electric snowblower. The HSS1170i...

...combines a gasoline engine for powering the snowblower apparatus and charging the battery, with electric motors for forward propulsion. [...] Replacing the conventional gasoline engine with electric motors allows for computerization of the HSS1170i drive system. This results in smoother forward propulsion and optimum automatic speed control based on workload. [...] The HSS1170i is equipped with a Honda e-SPEC engine, an environmentally friendly vertical powerplant that surpasses US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Phase II regulations-the most stringent in the world.

Moreover, the HSS1170i is the fourth hybrid snowblower in Honda's lineup. They actually make more models of hybrid snowblowers than hybrid cars.

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Wouldn't a plug-in all electrical snowblower make more sense, though? After all, it's something that is only used once in a while and for relatively short amounts of time. It can easily be recharged in between uses.

Posted by: Mikhail Capone on 4 Mar 05

It would seem so to me, too, but I've never lived anywhere it snowed, so I really couldn't say.

Posted by: Jamais Cascio on 4 Mar 05

Would you consider almost all diesel-electric train locomotives to be hybrids then too?

Posted by: Kyle on 4 Mar 05

Actually, I would; I've read arguments that automotive hybrid technology is a distant descendant of diesel-electric train engines.

Posted by: Jamais Cascio on 4 Mar 05

I actually have a "plug-in" snowblower. (It's not recharge-able, but at $230, I figured that was a pretty good price. That does mean I have to lug an 150' of extension cord around, but I don't have to worry about oil changes or running out of gas! (I'm lucky to use it about once every two weeks for 45 minutes or so...but I haven't figured out how much the thing is costing me in electricity yet.)

Posted by: Grant on 4 Mar 05

Here in northern NH, I have an 800 foot driveway (on 4.5 acres of land). A corded snowblower would not work, but his hybrid sounds sweet!

Posted by: Michael J. on 4 Mar 05

I have a high-tech, non-polluting snowblower. No cords, no gas.

It's called an $8 shovel.

Posted by: Joseph Willemssen on 7 Mar 05

I have a free non poluting snow removal system.. its called not living where it snows;/

Posted by: wintermane on 7 Mar 05



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