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Queer Eye for the Green Guy
Jeremy Faludi, 9 Mar 05

Okay, we originally weren't going to post about this, but we just have to. Not only is it truly relevant to all Worldchangers, it's damn funny: Queer Eye for the Green Guy. In a nutshell, "We greens have to stop looking like we eat bark and live in a root cellar" and "Stop complaining about capitalism and make it your bitch."

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You might think of linking to the original source:

Posted by: Dave Roberts on 9 Mar 05

Ecouture. I like the word and the principle. What was said has merit. You don't have to look like the earth to protect it. Isn't that what Lohas is all about. Making prudent use of power thru money, to make changes. Now its time to change the image of GREEN. People aren't taken seriously if they look like they spent there formative years in a hut in the rainforest. I see the image of Sean Connery in Medicine Man. Great Science discarded because of the bearer of the message. I'm changing my game plan today and dressing for the part now.
Successful, Alert, Imaginative, and Consumer Conscious.
Thanks for the viewpoint re-assessment.

Posted by: frumom on 11 Mar 05



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