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Halifax Happiness this Summer
Hassan Masum, 19 Mar 05

Indicators are reality, and chasing unsuitable indicators merits a Reality Check.

Well, here's an interesting one: the Second International Conference on Gross National Happiness will be held this June 20-24 in Halifax. The web site indicates an eclectic array of presenters, including Ray Anderson, Raffi, John Taylor Gatto, Vicki Robin, Sanjit Roy, Marilyn Waring, the Governor General of Canada (and her husband and author John Ralston Saul), and a former prime minister of Bhutan.

The venue is Halifax, a coastal city in Canada's Atlantic province of Nova Scotia. (I've found the Halifax region quite pleasant and relaxing for summer vacation - friendly people, a small-but-not-too-small city, moderate climate, and some beautiful maritime scenery.)

And that's not all - from August 4-6 will be the 13th Annual International Open Space on Open Space. An intriguing process for organizing a conference from the bottom up, Open Space Technology eschews spending exorbitant amounts of time and money planning an agenda only to have the coolest conversations happen during coffee breaks. Instead, the participants themselves set the agenda in the first couple of hours, filling up a blank wall with session ideas and times.

The "Law of Two Feet" then applies throughout - go where you wish, and leave if it's not worthwhile or you're not contributing. Add a few simple heuristics to the mix and this stone soup starts to taste surprisingly good...

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can anyone go?

Posted by: russell wendt on 20 Mar 05

And for those of you in Nova Scotia through August there is a fantastic festival generally late in August...EVOLVE

Check out for more info...although they do not seem to have this years event online yet...



Posted by: cityhippy on 20 Mar 05

OST "practitioners" (and "lurkers") have a list and also a world map.

Posted by: Lucas Gonzalez on 20 Mar 05



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