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UK School Lunches to go Local and Organic
Alex Steffen, 20 Mar 05

Tony Blair is set to announce a plan to change the UK's school lunch programs over to local and organic food:

In a response to the plea from TV chef Jamie Oliver for a 'school dinner revolution', the Prime Minister will say that school kitchens will be rebuilt and equipped so dishes can be cooked from scratch, while dinner ladies are given 'culinary skills' to help them create appetising menus. ...Blair will shortly meet Oliver to receive the petition triggered by his Feed Me Better campaign, now signed by more than 100,000 people, calling for low-fat, healthy, fresh school food.

Very cool! It'd be even cooler if they launched a nationwide edible schoolyard student gardening program...

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Bubble greenhouses might be good too, as they provide oportunity to actually build such a thing. May we dream we'll see bootstrapping all the way?

Posted by: Lucas Gonzalez on 21 Mar 05

Sorry, it was .COM, not .ORG:

Posted by: Lucas Gonzalez on 21 Mar 05

Alex - this, is not all it seems - see Lessons in (online) campaigning from Jamie Oliver

Posted by: Robin Grant on 21 Mar 05

Since when does school lunch and organic matter belong in the same sentence?

Posted by: wintermane on 21 Mar 05

it's all hot air - even some fresh produce would be a start, let alone organic and locally produced... not easy on less than 40pence a day. and no new money seems to be forthcoming.

Posted by: Anna on 22 Mar 05



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