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Invasive Species Weblog
Alex Steffen, 24 Mar 05

I am a total sucker for other people's geek-outs. The very act of being excessively enthused about something is often enough to make me catch a mild, short-lasting version of that enthusiasm myself -- all the more so when that enthusaism is for a subject with worldchanging ramifications.

That's absolutely the case with the Invasive Species Weblog. Now, understanding the implications of the biotic blender we've created through globalization is an important topic, but Jennifer Forman Orth, Ph.D., really drills down into the arcana of the thing, delivering post after post like this:

The Orlando Sentinel has this report about the introduction of the South American sucker fish (Hypostomus plecostomus sp.) into Florida rivers. Plecos are popular aquarium fish, "employed" to scour the glass and gravel and keep it clear of algae. Enough have been intentionally or accidentally released that they are being netting by the thousands out of swimming areas, and have even been observed feeding off of manatees.

Whether you're looking for a little biological terriblisma or really want to learn that Japan is overrun with the Formosan rock macaque, this one's weird (yet worldchanging!) enough to keep.

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Dr. Orth not only does a great job of tracking invasive species news, but she also manages to encapsulate each story in a way that keeps one coming back daily. If you aren't yet aware of the silent invasion of invasive plants and animals you should stop in and catch up. And if you're a invasive species geek like myself you'll want to load up on gear!

Posted by: rose bengal on 25 Mar 05



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