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Blogging Kyrgzstan
Emily Gertz, 30 Mar 05

CJR Daily points us at bloggers reporting on--or at--events in Kyrgyzstan: Sean-Paul Kelley at has posted a country history and an analysis of what might be happening in Osh based on the headwear of people in the crowd (really--it's more than worth reading). is posting regular updates, and Peace Corps volunteer Larry Tweed is blogging from Osh.

Know of other good online outlets for news and accounts from Kyrgyzstan? Post them in the comments.

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Comments is simply the best place for news on Central Asia. Hands down.

If you are interested, you can recount my adnvetures in Central Asia at my travel blog The Silk Road Journal.

The months in the archives you'll want to read are June, July and August of 2003.

Posted by: sean-paul on 30 Mar 05

Hi, Sean-Paul. Your analysis of the hats in the crowd put me in mind of the good old Kremlinology I took in as a poli sci/Soviet studies major. And brought back my experience traveling in Uzbekistan as part of a student group in the late 80s--where we saw plenty of those Uzbek hats, and none of the Kyrgyz ones.

The story in Kyrgyzstan's been building for a while--years--but seems to be like a new-hatched chick to the American media.

Posted by: Emily Gertz on 30 Mar 05

Emily, I don't think I ever saw the Kyrgyz hats in Uzbekistan when I lived there. I never made it over near the border though... Saw Kazak hats every now and then.

Posted by: Nathan Hamm on 30 Mar 05

When were you in Uzbekistan, Nathan, and how long did you live there? I traveled there in 1988. Just for a week (of about four months total in the USSR, mostly in Moscow), so I certainly can't say I had a really in-depth experience. Still, it was a pretty unusual opportunity for foreign students at that time.

Posted by: Emily Gertz on 30 Mar 05

I lived there from 2000-2001 in the city of Navoi (which officially did not exist when you were there I am told...).

Posted by: Nathan Hamm on 31 Mar 05



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