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A Force More Powerful and "Serious Games"
Alex Steffen, 31 Mar 05

We reported a couple weeks ago on the forthcoming free game A Force More Powerful, a sort of Sims-in-Kyrgyzstan -- players practice using non-violent confrontation to pressure, even overthrow, repressive regimes. The game's part of a larger campaign to promote the use of non-violent conflict to promote human rights and democracy -- what some call "strategic non-violent warfare." This article explains how how A Force works in greater depth:

Sponsored by the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, the game, called “A Force More Powerful,” resembles a cross between a political science model and one of the popular city-builder games. The player represents the chief of staff of a non-violent resistance movement. He gives orders to various characters within the movement, who will attempt to carry out actions such as making speeches and organizing demonstrations.

The game’s extensive scenario editor enables users to tailor the game to their own nations. Scenarios can range from building up support in a single neighborhood to waging non-violent conflict across an entire nation. The game is designed to be as open-ended as possible, with players able to choose multiple tactics. ... It will be distributed on CDs and on the Internet. Versions are planned for specific regions and languages.

Meme to watch? Serious games.

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I also recommend reading the book. Many interesting case studies, and some discussion of why and where non-violent tactics can change societies.

Posted by: Hassan Masum on 9 Apr 05



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