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Aloha Wind
Jamais Cascio, 1 Apr 05

The state of Hawaii relies on petroleum imports for 90% of its energy use, according to Renewable Energy Access, but it's about to get its first real wind farm. UPC Wind Partners has been signed to build a 30 megawatt wind farm for the island of Maui. The US Department of Energy wind map for Hawaii shows a section rated "superb" on the south edge of the western part of the island, although the neighboring island of Molokai appears to have the most consistently good space for wind power.

Expect visual NIMBY fights about this project, unfortunately.

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Hawaii (especially the Big Island) probably has more renewable energy resources and options than any place on Earth - geothermal, solar, wind, wave, biomass. Then again, the energy requirements there are practically nil, relative to the rest of the U.S., except perhaps for transportation fuel.

It's pretty amazing for someone from the Upper Midwest to go to a place where insulation and HVAC systems really aren't much of a consideration in most homes.

Posted by: Joseph Willemssen on 1 Apr 05 is a new design looking for funds to develop it. I'm not related to it in anyway - in fact I've suggested they "license" it dually: no license for DIY and small size, and commercial license for large sizes. Not sure if that suggestion would be acceptable or even how it would work - if our aim is sustainability all over the world.

Posted by: Lucas Gonzalez on 1 Apr 05



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