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Sunlight-transporting system
Regine Debatty, 17 Apr 05

Swedish company Parans has found a way to collect sunlight by panels in over 500 lenses, transmit it through fibre-optic cables and illuminate light-deprived interiors. In each room, the sunlight flows out through specially designed luminaires.

ParansÂ’ luminaires give a mixture of parallel light beams and ambient light, just as when the sun strikes through the foliage of a forest. The system allows you to tell the weather even without windows or skylights, re-establishing a connection with the outside environment.

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I don't beleive it! I've being asking around trying to ascertain the viabliity of this as a project for a while now. Oh well, at least somebody's on the case!

Posted by: Daniel Johnston on 18 Apr 05

Can it give you a sunburn? I assume not (the panels don't collect UV rays?). But I get burned quite easily...

Posted by: livingfossil on 18 Apr 05

This is basically "piping light" and this isn't the first I heard of it, there was even a report of a Japanese company doing it in Toyota a decade+ ago, so what makes this unique?

Posted by: Jason on 18 Apr 05

The SunPipe has been around a while is a simple, excellent idea--I've seen one in action illuminating a basement kitchen. This fiber optic idea is a different animal-- higher tech, for better or worse, more flexible, way more chic, and I would think much higher cost. The advantage is that architects can send light through the walls with the wiring rather than having to accommodate a pipe.

Posted by: Jeff Rusch on 18 Apr 05

I saw a cooler application of these by an Israeli company. Rather than diffuse the light at the other end, they left it highly concentrated. Result: Sun-powered laser powerful enough to do surgery with. It's used in hospitals in Israel, which only have a few cloudy days/ year.

Posted by: Cardozo Bozo on 18 Apr 05



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