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"Hot stuff for a cool Earth"
Alex Steffen, 22 Apr 05

It's Earth Day, of course, so there's a ton of green blogables out there. Here's a rousing overview of bright green gizmos:

Ever since the first Earth Day in 1970, a steady stream of inventions and gadgets have been popping up to help make the planet a little bit better. The old brick in the toilet, which saved a brick's worth of water with each flush, eventually gave way to today's low-flow models. Stand-alone solar panels have been integrated into systems that let consumers actually sell excess power back to their utilities.

Small wonder, then, that this year's Earth Day is a high-tech affair. From superefficient home appliances to recyclable razors, new ideas to save the planet are quickly coming on the market.

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As pefect an example of the irresponsible tripe that passes for rhetoric amongst so-called "greens" as I've ever found, yet. Disposables will *not* save the planet *nor* humanity. Yes, it's better not to pollute, duh, but acting like it has anything whatsoever to do with the long-term fate of humanity and/or the planet is the kind of lunacy sustaining crass capitalists whose machismo denial of eco-doom is as comfortable for most to hear as is eco-doom uncomfortable, the same denial of reality playing into their denouncing responsibility as is the extension of reality into "greens"'s conceit that enough disposable razors and hemp paper will save the world and humanity.

Posted by: dynamist on 22 Apr 05



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