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"Zero-Energy Footprint" Homes in Central London
Jamais Cascio, 25 Apr 05

yorklake.jpgIf I do end up moving to London, I now know where I'd like to live. Yorklake Homes, in cooperation with BedZED, have opened a set of flats in central London which can be entirely self-sufficient for power. This is a step up from similar developments elsewhere, which only promise a reduction in energy pulled from the grid.

A wind turbine fitted to the roof of an apartment block [...] compliments other eco-friendly features such as solar panels to convert the sun's rays into electricity, a hot water boiler powered by wood pellets, produced from wood waste and riple-glazed and krypton-filled windows to provide thermal and noise insulation. Also the exterior walls are exceptionally well insulated with a 300mm cavity filled with rock wool, the ceilings and floors are concrete slab construction which acts like super large storage heaters, storing heat in winter and coolness in summer and roof-mounted wind cowls provide innovative high levels of ventilation and heat reclamation

The stylish apartments are at the leading of carbon emission-saving building technology and are a fine example for other architects and builders to follow. [...] [The] Swift near-silent wind turbine on the roof is one of the first domestically available of its type that generates power at mains voltage. When combined with the solar panels it enables the development to generate as much electricity as it consumes.

Of the four flats, three are already sold; the remaining ground floor apartment is available at £270K. The main downside of this development -- aside from the price -- is the limited number of units in the structure, making the flats more of a technology demonstration -- or even a "concept home" -- than a real high-efficiency development. Although Yorklake sees the development as the first of a series, for now, it's just a tiny step.

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Just a nit: wood pellet stoves don't really qualify for self suffiency. Sounds like a good backup source powered by renewable energy, though.

This sounds very cool. I wonder what the long-term results will be -- it would be interesting to hear about how this development fares over the next several years in terms of maintenance and systems failures.

Posted by: Brian St. Pierre on 26 Apr 05

Too bad it's so ugly though...

Posted by: Unknown on 26 Apr 05

Bow E3 is not really 'Central' London, and at £4500/sqm these flats seem extremely overpriced

Posted by: Andrea Casalotti on 27 Apr 05



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