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Sustainability is the New Bling.
Alex Steffen, 27 Apr 05

Worldchanging ally Chip Giller recently wrote a great op-ed about the new face of environmentalism, and boy is he speaking our language:

[I]f we turn away from the D.C.-centric public face of the environmental movement, a very different picture emerges. In cities nationwide, young professionals are giving environmentalism a new cultural cachet. They're enjoying the benefits of compact, well-designed neighborhoods where it's easy to walk and take public transportation. They're buying shares in Community Supported Agriculture. They're trading in their SUVs for minis. They're finding that many of the hippest products clothes, accessories, home furnishings, appliances are made with environmental concerns in mind.

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Austin featured here recently in the lists of cities which promote the creative class. I live in Austin, and though I certainly prefer some other cities, it does score points in terms of CSAs. There are four in our area of which I'm aware. One is all organic, with weekly deliveries to your doorstep, and has a long waiting list. Another is a co-op associated with the local GreenBuilder organization.

There are also a number of farmers markets - with representation for premium goods from local family farms, such as organic beef, poultry, fish, etc., as well as produce. I find that to be a good trend, driving the market. The local supermarkets such as Central Market seem to watch closely enough and follow these trends to some extent.

The downtown farmers market is also a lively community center on the weekends, integrating demos by the local chefs, classes, community service organizations, events for children - not just a bunch of produce. I think my one year old daughter gets as much out of it as I do.

What is the availability of CSA programs like in other regions?

Posted by: Paco NATHAN on 28 Apr 05



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