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Three Little Candles
Jamais Cascio, 29 Apr 05

Reader Patrick Di Justo commented on yesterday's "Earth Out of Balance" post with a remarkable observation. I want to make sure that people who don't normally read the comments see it, so I'm putting it here.

The article quoted in the post noted that the additional energy trapped at the surface by greenhouse gases amounted to the equivalent of a 1-watt light bulb per square meter. But Patrick notes:

A one watt lightbulb is a pretty bad image. Who has ever seen a one watt lightbulb?

A birthday candle makes a better image. Three birthday candles together put out about one watt. Imagine three tiny pink birthday candles burning on every square meter of the Earth's surface. Every square meter of farmland, every square meter of ocean, of forest and tundra, in every sidewalk square in every city all over the world, imagine three tiny pink candles burning day and night.

That's global warming.

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But - no worries. Birthday candles burn out quickly and everything will return to normal shortly.


Posted by: Joseph Willemssen on 29 Apr 05

It would explain why there's so much huffing and puffing going on about the subject!

Posted by: Tony Fisk on 1 May 05



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