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We're Hiring! Please help us find the right worldchanger for the job.
Alex Steffen, 2 May 05

As you may know, there are big changes afoot here at Worldchanging Planetary HQ. We're in the process of becoming a nonprofit, we've got some backers, and we're launching some really great new projects -- making the technical underpinnings of work better, negotiating a book deal, creating some partnerships with worthy and kickass allies, researching our "Around the Future in 80 Days" project and looking at ways to bring more voices from more places to the conversation we're trying to build here -- as well as continuing to try to do a better and better job of bringing you the best tools, models and ideas we can find for building a better, bright green future.

All of this is a lot of work. We need to hire someone to help us get that work done, and we're hoping that you can help us find the worldchanging gal or guy who'd be perfect for the gig.

We suspect that the right person already reads WorldChanging, or at least has a friend who does. But we can't find them if you guys don't help connect them and us. We need your help.

The job description is below. Please, please tell people you know (who you think might be a good fit) about it, and encourage them to apply (or, if you're that person, and you're looking for a new gig, fire off a resume and don't be shy about it!).


Producer, WorldChanging.Com is an award-winning and fast-growing weblog/magazine covering tools, models and ideas for building a better future. We're hiring a producer:

Changing the world requires getting and staying organized. You’re here to make that happen.

Imagine you. You’re both worldchanging and wonderful to work with. You are professional, friendly, optimistic, organized, energetic and impassioned. Like a superhero, you can kick ass and tell jokes at the same time. You secretly think that when Margaret Mead said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world,” she was talking about you.

Now, imagine herding cats. Brilliant, disorganized, ADD cats, with big ideas and a tendency to fly off to other countries at a moment’s notice. Imagine, in fact, that those cats were already spread across the planet. If herding a growing gang of super-smart, passionate, global cats into a finely-tuned anarchist marching band sounds like fun to you, boy do we have your dream job.

If you’re that lucky cat-herder, you’ll get to:

1) Act as the central hub of a globally-networked organization, the still point around which our vast media empire turns!

• Be an excellent “air traffic controller,” knowing exactly what’s going on with all projects at all times, making sure schedules are kept, books are tight and communications flow smoothly.

• Facilitate the work of the board of directors: scheduling meetings, attending to minutes and follow-up actions, making sure all board members have prompt and full knowledge of all needed information.

2) Be the number two person, minimizing the Executive Editor’s distraction and maximizing his productivity by being the first line of defense in the war on chaos!

• Act as first assistant to EE.

• Serve as primary interface between EE and readers, general public and media. Help facilitate EE’s schedule and workflow.

• Serve as needed as primary liason between EE, staff, writers and other project participants

• Supervise special projects as required, and facilitate project management of on-going editorial and programmatic activities.

3) Let the power go to your head while you set-up and run Worldchanging’s office and day-to-day business affairs, including having primary day-to-day managerial and financial oversight responsibilities – when you snap your fingers, our contract bean-counters and paper-shufflers dance!

• Create an office.

• Supervise administrative staff and interns, and participate in their hiring.

• Create (and improve) office systems, bookkeeping and legal reporting systems, organizational calendar, payroll and benefits tracking, and so on.

• Establish and manage relationships with vendors (e.g., webhost) and professional service providers (e.g., bookkeeper).

4) Help bring in the bling by acting initially as a primary liaison on development work (helping track grant deadlines, setting meetings, etc.) and then as a member of the development team planning and executing our overall development strategy, including our “fundraising trip” to Monte-Carlo (“Come on lucky dice, baby needs an operational support grant!”).

5) Change the world and be home in time for supper.

What kind of qualifications might impress us?
* BA and 3+ years of organizational or project management experience;
* Incredible – perhaps slightly disturbing – love of systems, organization and detail;
* Hands-on knowledge of office management, including all those practical office and computer skills as well as basic budgeting and bookkeeping;
* At least passing acquaintanceship with nonprofit organizations;
* Excellent people skills and sense of humor;
* Ability to manage junior staff;
* Comfort working with international and diverse colleagues;
* Outstanding references.
* Knowledge of WorldChanging content and issues desirable but not a deal-breaker: passion for changing the world non-negotiable.

Salary: Highly competitive nonprofit salary. Excellent benefits. Great work environment.
Location: This is a full-time job based in Seattle, WA.
Start date: Yesterday.

Worldchanging strongly values diversity, and actively encourages women, people of color and cultural minorities to apply.

To apply, email your resume and a letter (telling us why you’re perfect for the job) to

Alex Steffen, Executive Editor
alex [a t] worldchanging [d o t] com

Act now.
Winners will be notified by telegram.

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WorldChanging- and the first thing you can think of is a BA????? that is the most important factor in your hiring decision? that is really beyond lame. i was going to send a copy over to my beautiful, smart wife, and say this would be making a difference and would suit your organizational skills. but oops. no degree. come on folks, can't you live it a bit? think outside the box?

Posted by: james governor on 3 May 05

Well, James, you might note that we aren't *requiring* a BA. We just say it's part of the package that might impress us. Someone smart enough for the job, but lacking a BA, will no doubt find other ways of impressing us.

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 3 May 05

Where, exactly, is this position?

Posted by: Ben Schiendelman on 3 May 05

Location: This is a full-time job based in Seattle, WA.

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 3 May 05

I just want to be one of the cats... any openings there?

Posted by: katuah on 3 May 05

Too bad it's got to be in Seattle... just a little further south and this would be EXACTLY the job I've been dreaming about. Good luck and keep up the great work!

Posted by: Jett on 3 May 05

That's what I said. Can't you move the office down to San Francisco? Then it would be the perfect job! Im sure you'll find the right person just wish it was me.

Posted by: Sara on 3 May 05

You'll get a fair bit of CVs. (Would half consider it myself.) Not all will take the job - hopefully you can file those CVs, have an intern tackle them and add those cats to the herd.

I'd suggest notification by carrier pigeon or pneumatic tube.

Posted by: John Weeks on 3 May 05

about becoming one of those cats... I'd be interested too!

Posted by: cari on 4 May 05

You mentioned handling internships as part of the job description. Any idea on when those might be available to worldchanging students? : )

Posted by: Helen on 4 May 05


We will be announcing the need for several new members of our editorial team (for example, we're looking for someone to cover green building/ urbanism on a weekly basis) in the next week or two.


We'll be taking on some interns darn soon, if all goes well. So soon, in fact, that you can start applying now.

Send a resume or some other official-looking document , and we'll be in touch once we get this producer hired.

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 4 May 05

If only I could move to Seattle. :-( Any chance those internships will be somehow "global" or "virtual"?

Posted by: Julia on 4 May 05

Does anyone know of a good source for finding jobs with a sustainability-slant? For software-engineers?

Posted by: Nigel Jacob on 4 May 05

Good luck.

Posted by: Taran on 4 May 05

Thanks for the response Alex. Beyond lame was a little harsh... i just tend to think the 3 years of experience you talk to is probably more relevant. in order to encourage diversity of candidates you might state it more roundaboutly. i mean BA is the first thing on your list.

Posted by: james governor on 5 May 05

Kathy Sierra says it way better than me

Posted by: james governor on 5 May 05

umm, BA? I was interested in applying for the position, but if other candidates consider a BA an insuperable hurdle (you need practically need a BA to deliver pizzas), maybe the job isn't as interesting as it sounds, nor the pay as "competitive" as one would wish. Oh well...

Posted by: Peter on 5 May 05

If you're looking for folks in the Los Angeles area (I can't relocate, but I'd love to help out any way I can), let me know.

Posted by: Peggy on 5 May 05

I've been a part of commerical new media
projects since '96, I knew something was afoot
when a benefactor offered 1,500 dollars to start
my own blog this Spring. Seems as though the barriers between "journalism" and the blogosphere
are finally coming down, when staffers from the likes of the Christian Science Monitor and major pubs join the fray.

Posted by: Enrique on 5 May 05

For interns, do you hire or assist young enthusiasts from abroad, in our case Istanbul? My sister - environmental engineer with almost done on her way to MSc.- would be very much interested in working with you for a while. She did worked in Azerbaijan before in Caspian Sea projects with NGOs and Brit Gov.
Any info would be much appreciated.

Posted by: Nilgun Aydogan on 13 May 05



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