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I Voted For You Because...
Jamais Cascio, 10 May 05

Use of the web as a locus for political organization and discussion doesn't have to end once an election occurs. Very often, successful political figures take their victories as signs of full vindication of policies and proposals, even when voter feelings were less certain or more nuanced than the politician recognizes. Now the team that brought UK voters "They Want To Be" -- allowing citizens to annotate party platforms -- has come up with I Voted For You, a chance for UK voters to explain why they voted the way they did, addressed not to other voters, but to the elected officials themselves.

This team is also responsible for They Work For, which tracks the votes and positions of members of Parliament. These sites are wonderful examples of the web's potential in the political world -- it's more than tool for organization, it's more than a place to have shouting matches, it really can be an accessible mechanism for sharing knowledge about the world of politics.

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So who is working to bring this direct democracy tool to the US?

I doubt if the White House would pay attention, but for state-and-smaller local politics, it could be powerful.

Posted by: Justus on 11 May 05



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