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New Saturn Moon
Emily Gertz, 11 May 05

114781main_PIA06237-330.jpgNews from the Cassini space mission to Saturn, which we've followed here with posts on Saturn's blue sky, the successful landing of the Huygens probe on Titan, complete with specially commissioned rock music, and more.

NASA has confirmed the discovery of a heretofore unseen moon of Saturn, hidden in a gap in Saturn's outer ring. Cooly and tentatively named S/2005 S1, the little chunk o'matter is about four miles across, and 85,000 miles from the center of Saturn. Check out this cool movie of 12 images taken over 16 minutes by Cassini of Saturn's sunlit outer ring--the moon's presence in orbit is indicated by the wave churn it causes along the edges of the ring's "Keeler gap."

Space News Blog seems to be a great aggregator for keeping up on the doings of humankind's many robotic space explorers. Recent news includes new images from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor, and updates on Deep Impact, a spacecraft which, if all goes well, will send back a lot of images and data about Comet Tempel 1, giving us our first look inside a comet before, during and after it crashes itself to bits on the thing in July.

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i think that this is very interesting however i don't think that finding a very tiny moon that is only a few kilometers across is very breaking news.

Posted by: my name is ethan on 19 May 05



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