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Hybrid Mileage Wiki-Database
Jeremy Faludi, 12 May 05

What hybrid has the best mileage? How different are real-world experiences from EPA numbers? Where can you talk with other hybrid users to get more information or just swap stories? You can find all this on, which besides having articles and member-fora, also has a wiki database of mileage reports. It then has a snazzy bar graph showing the current results, with standard-deviation bars and everything. Very handy.

(And for those that aren't curious enough to click, the Honda Insight whoops butt on all the others.)

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What a great little website! Thanks for that, Jeremy!

Nice to see the Civic VX be the first non-hybrid to break into the top mileage list -- you can usually pick good quality VXs up for a grand or two off of eBay.

Posted by: Joseph Willemssen on 12 May 05

Here's a similar site strictly for Prius owners (like my wife):

Posted by: David Foley on 12 May 05

Something that has always been bugging me about these "real world" mileage websites is that we get to see how hybrids perform under the EPA results (which is expected), but we don't get to see how other regular cars perform.

So the guy with a gas-only Pontiac will go "aha! I know your Prius didn't really average 60 mpg!" while his car isn't averaging the 27 mpg on the sticker either.

I've already said it in the past: If all cars has a mpg-gauge like hybrids, most people would be a lot more conscious of their car's fuel consumption and of how their driving habits are affecting the mileage they get.

Posted by: Mikhail Capone on 12 May 05



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