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"Project for a New European Century"
Jamais Cascio, 27 May 05

Okay, so the article title is a bit pointed, but the argument made by Mark Leonard -- that the model for success in the 21st century will be Europe, not the US -- is an interesting one. The article, in the current issue of The Globalist, is pulled from Leonard's book Perpetual Power: Why Europe Will Run the 21st Century. Although Leonard focuses primarily in the article on diplomatic and political interactions, the notion that the European model will do better in the 21st century parallels some of what we've explored here. In short, getting a jump now on a transition to high-efficiency, sustainable design could better position Europe to handle climate disruptions and "end of oil" scenarios. Add that to Leonard's argument that cooperation, international organizations and a focus on carrots over sticks is a winning strategy, and it makes for a scenario undoubtedly giving folks in DC stomach pains.

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Beats me why it should give people in Washington stomach pains. I read the book and found it to be unoriginal, badly researched, and written from a blinkered POV (it is not just US citizens who can wear blinkers).

The power of networks is undoubtedly important, but "Washington" knows all about this already, and have exploited this for years. Witness the World Bank, IMF, UN, NATO etc, even if some there have become uppity at the UN.

Posted by: Mike on 30 May 05



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