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Jeremy Faludi, 29 May 05

Are you a biotech geek? Do you want cutting-edge biological information at your fingertips in a one-stop-shopping kind of way, rather than searching a dozen disparate databases? Well, Mozilla has the browser plugin for you: Biobar. It's been around for a year now, but apparently their new release is much improved, and allows you to search 38 different biological databases.

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The databases under biobar are mostly freely available database resources for everyone. No databases searhable under biobar are paid subscriptions, or else they would not be there. I think you need to correct this statement.

Posted by: Jawahar on 30 May 05

Thanks for the correction! I've changed the article. I have to say, though, that's unfortunate--many of the best resources out there for scientific journals are paid subscriptions (like PubMed or ScienceDirect.)

Posted by: Jeremy Faludi on 30 May 05

PubMed only stores abstracts for the scientific papers, so when searching for some information with PubMed you will get the abstract. However, if you want the full paper, you need to have either personal or institutional access to the Journal itself. However, this is gradually changing with some online journals (BMC series, or PLoS) and also with journals like the Journal of Biological Chemistry and PNAS now having open access to their archives.

Posted by: Jawahar on 31 May 05



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