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Tangled Bank and the Edge
Alex Steffen, 3 Jun 05

Two science resources worth knowing about:

Tangled Bank is a semi-monthly collaborative science blog hosted on alternating sites and serving up some clever, often funny, ideas. Imagine a cross between the Public Library of Science and the Journal of Irreproducible Results. The latest edition, Tangled Bank #29, includes a crash course on string theory, an exploration of the evolutionary benefits that led to the abandonment of shells by slugs, and a funny snark at the Discovery Institute's attacks on evolution, in the form of a proposed revision of the periodic table of the elements. It's light-hearted, but informative, stuff, written by people who knows their facts, but aren't too full of themselves.

The Edge, on the other hand, takes itself so seriously it's getting worry lines. The project of old-skool science publishing impressario John Brockman, the Edge often features writers whose work he's sold, and tends towards an older, more established (some say near-hoary) group of scientists. Still, almost every month I find something worth reading on their site, and it is debate in public about some of the most important issues we face: Who are we humans? What is the universe? What can we know?

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