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More on Jeffrey Sachs and the End of Poverty
Alex Steffen, 3 Jun 05

It's one of our core beliefs here on WorldChanging that not only are many of world's most pressing problems ones we can solve, but that solving them will in fact leave us better off than we are now. In other words, facing our planetary crises may actually help us attain some new realities that seem nearly utopian when seen through our presently myopic political debate.

Ending poverty is a prime example of an attainable utopia. More and more people share hold the view that it is within our means to end absolute poverty, but it's leading proponent is undoubtedly Jeffrey Sachs.

Sachs is controversial. He's also one of the world's most outspoken major public figures on the subject: Sachs lecture on ending global poverty; the run-down from a radio interview with Chris Lydon (Chris: why aren't you podcasting?); Sachs interviewed by Lee Bollinger and the New Yorker review of the End of Poverty.

(thanks Ory, of Kenyan Pundit!)

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George Ayittey mentioned in the New Yorker review has a new book 'Africa Unchained'. Reviews of which are at Timbuktu Chronicles (
George Ayittey pulls no punches but his analysis and solutions are based on a profound understanding of the continent and its challenges. In a sense his book is a good counterpoint to Jeffery Sachs and his traditional but largely failed proffered solutions.

Posted by: Emeka Okafor on 4 Jun 05

if not leading*, bill clinton is at least an influential proponent as well :D



Posted by: glory on 4 Jun 05

Good to see Jeffrey Sachs on WorldChanging! Sachs is inspirational and ambitious with his plans in his book on the end of poverty. It is definitely worth reading--just to learn more about his ideas and bold proposals for ending "extreme" poverty. If you are interested in learning more about the MakePovertyHistory and ONE campaigns, this is the reference book that I recommend. After listening to various interviews and reading other articles by Sachs, I was still impressed by his book, "The End of Poverty." Dr. Jeffrey Sachs certainly belongs on WorldChanging. I would also recommend that you check out his website if you are interested in learning more about him.

More on how you can help from Sachs:

Posted by: Fan of Sachs on 9 Jun 05



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