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Primer Screens in Brooklyn
Emily Gertz, 4 Jun 05

If my post about the science fiction movie Primer got you interested in seeing it, and you live in or near NYC, check it out: Primer will screen Monday night, June 6, as part of the Village Voice Best of 2004 series at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Cinematek. Other films in the series might interest Worldchanging readers. June 21: "Ghost in the Shell: Innocence," another stunning, kinetic anime by Japan's Mamoru Oshii, asking questions about the nature of identity in a highly cyber future (including an excellent shoutout to American intellectual Donna Haraway, author of "A Cyborg Manifesto" and other fascinating works). June 25: "Darwin's Nightmare," a disheartening but essential documentary "on the survival of two ruthlessly fittest species: the Nile perch, which quickly annihilated almost all other fish life in Tanzania’s Lake Victoria after its artificial introduction in the ’60s, and the omnivorous beast known as winner-take-all global capitalism." To solve the problems, we've got to see the problems, and this doc doesn't flinch. And on a much lighter note, June 29: "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle", a stoner road comedy for the multi-culti 21st century.

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