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Good things at Gitmo
Cameron Sinclair, 16 Jun 05

No really. Really.

Actually buried deep in the exciting read which is the Defence Industry Daily was the announcement of four new wind turbines at the Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (photo). We posted about the wind turbines in January, and now it looks like they're actually being built. The $12 million turbines are set to save the tax payers $1.2 Million a year.

Of course, one alternative is to just close the base altogether thus saving 100% of the energy consumption.

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Wow! A wind-powered, internationally condemned
gulag for the disappeared!

Maybe ALL indefinite, torture-ridden prisons for stateless
homicidal terrorists can be green-powered and

Posted by: Bruce Sterling on 16 Jun 05

It did make me chuckle when I stumbled across it. Of course this produces the perfect reason for not ending the war on terror. To make the turbines cost effective they need to be working for another 11 years and we wouldn't want to mess up the administrations environmental platform...

/ah, good times.

Posted by: C on 16 Jun 05

"There's a party at ground zero--"

I laughed at this too. I can only shake my head in stunned amazement and horror. Probably all the newer prisons in the United States use 30% post-consumer waste toliet paper and low water washers too.

Posted by: Mr. Farlops on 17 Jun 05



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