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Mike Treder: Nanotech Now

Mike Treder is the Executive Director of the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology.

With a name like the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology, you end up on a lot of mailing lists — but almost all of the material we are sent is trivial, irrelevant, or blatant hucksterism. Fortunately, there is one site we can consistently rely on for useful news, ideas, and information: Nanotechnology Now.

"Our 4,000+ daily readers depend on us to sort the wheat from the chaff, culling the nano-pretenders from the real news makers," says Rocky Rawstern, Nanotechnology Now editor. "Every day our staff sorts through literally hundreds of nano-news items, posting only the couple dozen that meet our criteria for real nano-news. Our readers range from business persons to lawyers, college students and professors to politicians, the general public and the military."

We’re happy to say that Nanotechnology Now, our favorite source for nanosphere news, recently posted their 10,000th news item. That’s a sign of remarkably stable success in the uncertain world of the Internet. Beyond that, we admire their unstinting commitment to promoting ethical and responsible use of new technologies. We recommend Nanotechnology Now to anyone with even a passing interest in the rapidly developing world of nanotech.

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The world is yet to realize the phenominal impact that nanotechnology will have in the near future. Nanotechnology could make virtually all current world problems irrelevant.

Posted by: extagen no on 30 Jun 05

Where is the feed for Nanotechnology Now? I cant find rss or atom anywhere... :/


Posted by: Myren on 1 Jul 05

Just to keep things in balance here… although I would whole heartily agree with remarks about Nanotechnology Now, the site is still very USA focused.

So for an alternative look at Nanotechnology news please check out Nano Tsunami Europe’s largest Independent NanoTech News Portal.

Nano Tsunami is an independently owned NanoTech news portal based in Holland and we pride ourselves on being a " NanoSoapBox " on which ALL party's ( for and against ) Nanotechnology can air their respective views & news.

We offer daily headline news about the emerging MNT, micro- mems- and nanotechnology industry, from all around the globe.

Our target audience is anyone interested in any developments within the emerging world of NanoTech, we also try hard to focus on forthcoming NanoTech issues / products as and when they emerge.

Nano Tsunami is a free to all news service. Entry requires no form of log-in or subscription.

Our editorial calendar is 6 days a week ( with Sat-Sun Issues combined ) .

With kind regards
David W.G. Voyle

Editor / CEO Nano …read the wave

Posted by: David W.G. Voyle on 1 Jul 05

Yep, we also like Nano Tsunami a lot. Keep up the great work, David!

Posted by: Mike Treder, CRN on 2 Jul 05

Looking foward to reading the news about the great wave...........R

Posted by: robert rodrigues on 7 Jul 05



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