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Jamais Cascio, 11 Jul 05

It's a simple idea, but a good one: the East Anglian Ambulance service in the UK has launched a campaign for people to add an entry to their mobile phone contacts In Case of Emergency. First responders may have a hard time getting contact information from you if you're in shock, unconscious, or otherwise unable to respond. The ICE idea attempts to standardize a place for responders to look, if the awful should occur.

Simply type ICE plus a contact name and number into your mobile and help us to help you.

I did it as soon as I read about this campaign -- and the more of us who do it (and talk about it), the more the idea will be recognized.

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I love this idea, incredibly simple. For a year or so now I have had "parents", "spouse" and "home" programmed into my phone hoping that someone would think to look for it if the unspeakable happened -- this makes SO much more sense....

Posted by: Chanel Reynolds on 11 Jul 05

I like this idea so much. Sounds good for every one... especially aging PARENTS.

Posted by: JACQUELINE CASCIO on 11 Jul 05

This is a sound idea. I hope they adopt it in Canada. It will save a lot of people's life. Kudos!

Posted by: Grace Lee on 22 Jul 05



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