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Hurricane Makes A Reef
Jamais Cascio, 13 Jul 05

In 2002, the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary saw the deliberate sinking of a retired US Navy ship in order to create an artificial reef. Artificial reefs are proven methods of helping to restore damaged undersea ecosystems; this one didn't serve that purpose, however, as the scuttling failed to go as planned, and the ship ended up resting upside-down and at an angle that proved dangerous to navigation. Subsequent efforts reduced the danger, but the ship was still not in the intended position -- until now.

Hurricane Dennis, pathing near the Keys, managed to generate sufficient undersea currents to flip the sunken vessel, putting it in the right-side-up position that was the goal in 2002. While the previous position was working fine as a reef, the new orientation will make it more attractive to divers -- who, in turn, help to support the artificial reef program.

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Every cloud...

Posted by: Tom Edwards on 13 Jul 05

Dennis delivered enough energy to flip 6,880 tons of sunken ship. I am impressed.

Specs of the Spiegel Grove here -

Posted by: Brian on 13 Jul 05

That Dennis... What a kidder.
I guess five other giant storms told him to do it.

Posted by: JACQUELINE CASCIO on 13 Jul 05



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