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Worldchanging Volunteers Needed!
Alex Steffen, 26 Jul 05

Calling all Worldchangers!

Worldchanging is changing and we need some volunteers to support all our efforts and programs. We're opening up our new office, have hired a few staff, have an ambitious year planned … and we’d love some company!

We’re excited to get help in all ways, shapes and forms. We’d encourage folks who have a few hours a week to give on a regular basis, who would like to stick around a while and grow with us, or are seeking and internship or "volunteer staff" roles to give us a shout-out. We're particularly looking for some Seattle-area folks, but there are virtual roles available as well. Indeed, there are many opportunities to become a part of the Worldchanging Crew:

Retreat – Worldchanging friends and allies from all over are converging in Seattle for the 1st annual retreat August 24-27th, we’ll need help organizing and executing all sorts of retreat plans, meetings and parties.

Programs – we need help on a bunch of fronts:

* New language versions: we're working on launching Spanish and Japanese versions of the site, and while we've got some great volunteers involved, they could use some help. If you speak either language well enough to translate stories, we'd love to hear from you. We're also planning Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese versions, so drop us a line if you're interesting in working on those (or would like to start a team working on another language altogether).

* Editorial Interns: We're looking for interns to help the editors research, prepare and write stories. We're also looking for someone to help transcribe our backlog of recorded interviews.

* Program Interns: We're also looking for volunteers/interns to help with things like creating a campus outreach program, doing media and publicity work, and helping establish WorldChanging social events/meet-ups.

Office – we could really use some help with office set up and systems, creating and maintaining a killer database, and all the other essential administrative work that supports the organization.

Interested? Drop Chanel a line – chanel ( at )

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How about a French version?


Posted by: jpm on 28 Jul 05

I would love to help you. My passion is knowledge. I track 5768 RSS feeds, 800 Orkut communities, 490 groups, 660 bookmarks and many other sources.

Posted by: Dimitar Vesselinov on 30 Jul 05



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