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Inuit, Climate Change, and Pun Control
Jamais Cascio, 27 Jul 05

WorldChanging contributor Emily Gertz has a lengthy article in the latest Grist Magazine on the claim by the Inuit people of the Arctic that global warming-triggered melting of the region is a violation of their human rights. She wrote a piece for us on the topic last December; the Grist article is more detailed, and covers much of what has happened in the subsequent half-year. It's not a terribly happy story, of course, but it's a useful early warning sign of the variety of legal responses to climate disruption that we will see as the process continues to wreak havoc on various communities around the world.

My only complaint: the relentless puns used as story and section titles...

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You dare complain of our puns!

Without bad puns, Jamais, the terrorists have won. Is that what you want?

Posted by: Dave Roberts on 27 Jul 05

C'mon, man, you know the rule: use a pun, go to prison.

Posted by: Jamais Cascio on 27 Jul 05

It's been mentioned that, with the onset of global warming, Inuit peoples are starting to see robins in their villages. Such birds were unknown to them; there language has no word for them.

If that's not a sign of global warming, just what would be?

Posted by: ChesserCat on 28 Jul 05

C'mon, man, you know the rule: use a pun, go to prison.

You're saying I'll be pun-ished?

Ha ha ha! Take that, terrorists!

Posted by: Dave Roberts on 28 Jul 05



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