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Jamais Cascio, 18 Aug 05

Many of us here at WorldChanging are quite enthusiastic about the "local food" movement -- the drive to encourage people to primarily (or even exclusively) eat the foods grown within the local region, in-season. There are good reasons to prefer local foods, as they are arguably better for the planet than even organic fruits and vegetables trucked in from hundreds of miles (or more) away. It would be easy to think, however, that the whole "local food" thing is something that might be done in Berkeley or Boulder (and, admittedly, throughout the UK), but wouldn't make it in a more blue-collar part of the US.

Think again.

PASA -- the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture -- is a non-profit focusing on educating people in Pennsylvania and the Northeast US about the value of local and sustainable farming. They have a major office -- and a devoted following -- in Pittsburgh, a city evolving out of its steel-centered past. PASA membership covers farmers and agricultural scientists as well as local residents interested in learning more about local and sustainable foods.

If you're in the Pittsburgh area this weekend, you may be interested in checking out PASA's "Summer Harvest Dinner," featuring the best of locally-grown fruits and vegetables, as well as chicken, lamb and pork from local farms. The dinner is taking place at ELEVEN on Sunday, August 21. Seating is limited.

(Thanks, Drue Miller)

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