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MobileActive Convergence
Emily Gertz, 22 Sep 05

Take about 40 people from all over the world on the cutting edge of using mobile phones to promote human rights, democracy, and all sorts of mass civic engagement -- activists, technologists, strategists -- gather them all together for the first time in Toronto, and what do you get? MobileActive Convergence, an activist's activist gathering to share stories, techniques and strategies on how to use cell phones as tools for organizing. I'm here to help record stories from the field -- some of which I'll post to Worldchanging over the next couple days. These will help form the bedrock of case studies on what folks are doing, what's worked, where the challenges are, how the conditions differ from country to country, and more than anything, how people can capitalize on the phenomenal worldwide growth of cell phones to create positive social change.

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make that "...some of which I'll post to worldchanging over the next week or so..."

Posted by: emily gertz on 25 Sep 05

Yeah. I'm still fiddling with the idea that so many people talking about ripping down borders are sort of not in their own. There is a lot to write about, and I was quite fortunate to meet Emily Gertz as well as, a special bonus, Dawn Danby.

Posted by: Taran on 25 Sep 05



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