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Welcome, Jill Fehrenbacher and Sarah Rich

Inhabitat's Jill Fehrenbacher and Sarah Rich join our Sustainability Sundays lineup this weekend, with an ongoing column on sustainable design.

Inhabitat operates in the intersection of sustainability, architecture and industrial design. Some of us have been reading it for a while: some are more recent converts. But even at first glance, the overlaps between Inhabitat's interests and WorldChanging's is obvious. Many of the pieces that Jill and Sarah post could easily be WorldChanging items. At the same time, the Inhabitat team is pretty clearly not pulling from the same sources that our current writers cover, meaning that their posts are nearly always novel and illuminating.

We're very fortunate that Jill and Sarah have agreed to take on the task of providing updates from and insights into the world of sustainable design as part of our weekly Sustainability Sundays feature. Thank you -- and welcome!

Jill Fehrenbacher is a freelance designer and student at Columbia's Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning. She created Inhabitat in the Spring of 2005 as a way to catalog her endless search for new ways to improve the world through forward-thinking, high-tech, and environmentally conscious design. Educated at Brown University, where she received a B.A. in Art Semiotics, and Central St. Martins, where she received an M.A. in Design Studies, she currently resides in New York City, which so far has been good for her obsession with rooftop gardens and vegan junk food restaurants.

Sarah Rich is a freelance writer and editor based in San Francisco. Her work lies at the intersection of design, architecture and sustainability, with occasional diversions into food and organic agriculture. She spends most of her creative energy devising ways to build a better bridge between mainstream culture and sustainable principles. Sarah fell in love with the Bay Area while earning her B.A. from Stanford University in Cultural and Social Anthropology. She now works as both a brand identity writer and journalist. Past and upcoming publications and affiliations include Dwell, Ready Made, Snøhetta, and Parallax Press. She is a biodiesel driver, farmer's market devotee and crossword addict.

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Welcome both of you! I'm looking forward to reading your columns.

Posted by: Mikhail Capone on 30 Sep 05

Great additions! Inhabitat has become one of my favorite sites, and I look forward to reading both of you here as well.

Posted by: Greg Burton on 30 Sep 05

Three cheers. Inhabitat is a diamond in the rough with thoughful, insightful posts in a genre to quick to link! Sara and Jill have a very refined pallet and I look forward to their traverse here!

Posted by: bcd on 30 Sep 05

Jill Fehrenbacher Any relation to T.R. Fehrenbacher, writer, historian and columnist from San Antonio, Texas?

Posted by: Brian on 30 Sep 05

Always good to see more design coverage. Very cool.

Posted by: csven on 1 Oct 05

Hi - this is Jill. I'm not any relation to T.R. Fehrenbacher that I know of - but I think all of us American Fehrenbachers are probably related somehow. Its not a very common last name - even in Germany.

Posted by: Jill on 2 Oct 05



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