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Worldchanging Book: Welcome Stefan Sagmeister!
Alex Steffen, 30 Oct 05

We're very pleased to announce that Abrams has selected the designer for the Worldchanging book, and we couldn't be more pleased with the choice: Stefan Sagmeister.

Stefan is a brilliant designer, both truly on the cutting-edge of visual thinking and deeply committed to building a better future. A few years back, he took no clients for a year, choosing instead to go deep and reexamine the nature of his work. This "year without clients" lead him to feel that he wanted to move from "creating cool things to significant things," that he wanted to employ good design in the service of good causes.

This approach, of doing design that matters in incredibly innovative ways, has made Stefan and his team at Sagmeister, Inc. one of the hottest design firms in the world (for instance, he just won a National Design Award). More importantly, from our point of view, this is a team of folks who get Worldchanging, both as a project and as an approach. We couldn't be more thrilled to be working with them.

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this will rock.

Posted by: colin white on 30 Oct 05

Definitely edgy stuff, hopefully it helps the book stand out in store shelves.

Hey, this is a good time for a second plug at the Worldchanging book pledge. So far 6 people have signed up, but it needs 10:

I will gather a group of 5 people to read their book, even if I have to loan them a copy, and invite them to discuss it over a meal. [...]
There's nothing more worldchanging than a small group of people. Please sign the pledge. Then start drawing a list of people with who you want to share the worldchanging vision.

Posted by: Daniel Haran on 30 Oct 05

Being a fan of Stefan Sagmeister's work for quite some time now, I must say that it a delight to see that he will be working with you on the book. It will no doubt result in something that will stand out.

Posted by: Jon on 30 Oct 05

I just hope he puts his shirt and pants on this time... EEEEEEEEEEEW!!!!!

Posted by: wintermane on 30 Oct 05

That's not Sagmeister in the tighty whities. It is an ad from his portfolio page.

I recognize some of the samples. Neat stuff.

Posted by: Stefan Jones on 30 Oct 05

That IS Sagmeister in his tighty whities... he likes to include himself (usually half-naked) in his work, he's that radical (heh).

This will be very sweet.

Posted by: Kevin on 31 Oct 05

Very cool. I've have been a fan since I saw him speak at an AIGA lecture a few years back. Looking forward even more to seeing the book!

Posted by: adrian cotter on 31 Oct 05

A couple caveats: Knowing how much I associate clean graphics with Worldchanging, Sagmmeister and your editors must keep the graphics focus on the content and not become a Sagmeister personality vehicle. I'm not saying he will or wants to, but it should be a concern. Also beyond that, his graphic approach will likely, for good or ill, highly impact current and future Worldchanging book and website fans from that point on. And perhaps a Sagmeister flavor might also effect any future related projects. He will certainly add to the publishing buzzmulch, but that will be good only if it doesn't hurt why I read Worldchanging every day.

Posted by: Dean Morris on 31 Oct 05

Dean's concern is well stated, but one should note that Sagmeister has been known to work in a playful "clean graphics" style himself. See, for example, his work on the Move our Money campaign for Ben Cohen:

For the most part, Sagmeister features himeself on projects only when they're about him -- either posters for lectures, or magazine covers about his studio. The only exception I can think of is his piece for Nicholas Blechman's Empire, and I think that fumeti was very much about Sagmeister's own myopia in political matters.

I think Worldchanging is in good hands.

Posted by: Jose Nieto on 7 Nov 05



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