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GMoke Goes (Partially) Off
Jamais Cascio, 7 Dec 05

George Mokray -- seasoned observer of the green community and regular commenter here -- has gone off-grid, at least in one room of his home:

My bedroom is now basically off-grid. [...]

This system is still a work in progress but for about $150 I've got one room that is independent of the grid, that provides me with radio and reading light for the foreseeable future without the use of coal, oil, gas, or nuclear energy. I have one room running on sunlight.

This is particularly inspiring because it's a clear demonstration that it's possible to make an environmental difference in one's own life without having to utterly transform every aspect of how one lives. Good work, gmoke!

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you know, the incremental/intentional approach to big projects is something i been trying to increasingly apply to my work life... applying it to worldchanging the grid is simply brilliant. instead of thinking in the scale of houses or neighborhoods, lets all try to get a room or two off the grid for a new years resolution. w00t!

Posted by: sp0078 on 8 Dec 05

We might help each other and give presents in that direction, etc. Cool!

What's the shortest step?

Posted by: Lucas Gonzalez on 8 Dec 05



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