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A Pair of New Year's Resolutions
Hassan Masum, 27 Dec 05

My holiday update? I'd like to share a pair of New Year's resolutions.

On the personal level, as a generator of ideas and policy, I like to think I contribute to the world in a generalized sort of way. But putting ideas out into the world and waiting for them to be adopted feels incomplete. So, I'm going to be a more active social entrepreneur: expanding matchmaking between
good ideas and the teams which could implement them, and perhaps co-founding a venture around effective ethical filters and market substitution.

As part of the Worldchanging Team, I feel privileged to learn from and be inspired by those working to bring about a better world. One of our goals is to suggest tools and opportunities that those in the Worldchanging community can use in their own situations. I'd like to contribute to that by doing interviews with inspiring people - those who have already achieved well-deserved fame, or those who are making crucial advances behind the scenes. Either way, I believe that the human stories and
examples of overcoming significant challenges can directly help us in our own lives.

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