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Have a Biomimetic New Year!
Jeremy Faludi, 27 Dec 05

Not a whole lot has changed for me in the last year.

I'm still doing freelance design & engineering, as well as speaking at a few conferences and schools on biomimicry for green design (though this year I've also spoken for Worldchanging).

I'm still working mostly for Rocky Mountain Institute and Chorus Motors. The biomimicry database for RMI is as done as it's going to get until we get more funding; if we're lucky, that will be within the next year. I consider it a successful prototype, but we need more people to play with it and give us feedback. Chorus Motors is still working with Boeing on in-wheel motors for commercial jets, and has recently partnered with Magnetek to design motors for heavy-duty mining equipment. I actually have enough free time these days that I'm looking for additional contracts, so those who need a designer, feel free to drop me a line.

I'm still living in Seattle and loving it, though just now I'm glad to be in Wisconsin for the holidays, where there's actual sunshine (and snow).

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