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Make a Difference Through Our Actions
Dina Mehta, 28 Dec 05

My holiday update: It's been an exhausting year for me at many levels. Lots has been happening with me on the work front, on the blog front and with so many terrible disasters and our blogs around the tsunamis, katrina and October earthquakes, I found I had very little time to do anything else. This has been a year of disasters - I think it is nature's way of saying ENOUGH. And mankind suffers for the sins of a few in power. I have felt so angry sometimes ... and helpless. And privileged too ... when the floods happened in Bombay, while my city was suffering, I was safe and holed up in my little space here.

Its also been an interesting year, and rewarding to know one can pitch in to help anywhere in the world, sitting at one's desk at home in Mumbai. I've travelled a lot on work, and have conducted sessions on how Social Tools can accelerate communication and collaboration at conferences. I was in Copenhagen earlier this year, then had to miss BlogHer in San Francisco because I was marooned by the floods we had here. Then in Oct-Nov I did this mad trip to the US and Europe - Poptech first, then a few days in New York, followed by a short trip to London and Prague. And then back to the US - San Francisco and onward to Seattle for EPIC2005 - which was a conference being sponsored by Microsoft and Intel around ethnographic practices -- where my client and I presented a paper on how we used a Blog for our ethnographic research in India.

I've also been continuing my blog-social tools evangelising in India ... I think we're at a tipping point where people are recognising the value - and I've been running some workshops and making presentations around this. And earlier this month I attended the Global Voices Summit which was completely inspiring and makes me want to do so much more to help bridge the many divides we live with.

My hopes for 2006 are for peace, harmony and cheer in all corners of the world. Humans have done a lot of damage. We are paying for it now. The time for reflections is over, and I hope all of us at Worldchanging, contributors and readers, can make a difference through our actions

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Posted by: sathish on 28 Dec 05

Hi Dina,
Do you have a copy of your EPIC paper? I use blogs with my client for ethnographic research in the USA. We also have a team of anthropologist-ethnographers in India. Be fun to visit with you, and I'm sorry I was unable to attend EPIC!
Ken Erickson

Posted by: Ken Erickson on 29 Dec 05



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