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Worn Again Footwear
Jeremy Faludi, 6 Jan 06

Another boutique-manufacturer of green apparel has cropped up; this time, for shoes. Worn Again Footwear in the UK is making limited edition sneakers from 99% recycled content. They're hardcore green, and they're bleeding-edge hipster. As they say, “From being locked-up (Prison Blankets), sprayed with Old Spice (men’s second hand suit-jackets), thrown on the bathroom floor (towels) to freefalling 13,000 feet (silk parachutes), it’s safe to say the materials in Worn Again trainers have been trough a lot. These trainers have a history and a personality – no two pairs are exactly alike.”

Worn Again is a collaboration between the activist organization Anti-Apathy and designer shoe company Terra-Plana, whose shoes use no glues or cements, but stitching only--in addition to reducing toxic chemical usage, this makes their shoes longer-lasting and more repairable.

Worn Again also offers a free repair service and encourages customers to recycle unrepairable shoes, to be as cradle-to-cradle as they can. They even publish their factory labor ethics standards and a breakdown of how much of the shoes' cost goes to what (materials, design, transportation, "climate care", etc.)

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This looks great. Now if they'd just design a usable website...

Posted by: Cat on 7 Jan 06

It total agreement with above. Would have liked to purchase a pair of trainers but can't seem to find out how to but them!?1

Posted by: sonia on 9 Jan 06



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