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Efficient Stoves in Darfur
Ethan Zuckerman, 8 Jan 06

Fuel efficient cooking stoves are some of the most important tools being deployed in the developing world. Inefficient stoves cause indoor air pollution, damaging women and childrens' health. Fuel for inefficient stoves is expensive to purchase, or time consuming for people - usually women - to gather wood or dung to burn.

In refugee camps in Darfur, there's an additional reason why fuel-efficient cookstoves are important: when women leave the camps to collect fuel, they are vulnerable to attacks from rebel groups and Janjawid militants. By teaching women how to cook more efficiently, Yoo-Mi Lee and Mark Jacobs are helping Darfuri women avoid violence as well as feed their families. Lee reports on a recent demonstration of fuel-efficient stoves and techniques which helped women prepare meals of assida (their staple starch) with less than half the wood they typically used.

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By teaching women how to cook more efficiently, Yoo-Mi Lee and Mark Jacobs are helping Darfuri women avoid violence

The fuel efficient stoves are a good thing, granted. But the example (avoid violence by collecting 1/2 the wood) is rather .. lame? If the goal is to keep those women safe, it would be better to arm them, or organize armed parties of wood gatherers ... nu?

Posted by: Brian on 8 Jan 06

I duno about you but if I was avoiding death squads.. id find a food source I could eat raw and if anyone complained id tell em to get he damn wood.

Posted by: wintermane on 9 Jan 06

If any of you are interested in supporting the effort to promote fuel efficient stoves in developing countries (and the benefits are quite worth it), then I would suggest purchasing carbon offsets from ClimateCare and lessen your global climate change footprint while you are at it.

In a brilliant idea to make your carbon offset money go even farther (and perform development work while they are at it), ClimateCare spends much of its money on projects in developing countries, including installing energy efficient, clean burning stoves in Honduras, India, Bangladesh, and Madagascar.

I highly recommend their organization.

Posted by: Jesse Jenkins on 10 Jan 06



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