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Enough About Us...
Alex Steffen, 4 Feb 06

We'd like to hear from you.

We're at 4,000 posts; we're just finishing our book; and over the last year we redesigned our web site, formed a nonprofit, and grew our team by adding several more bloggers and a couple staff. Recently we posted updates from many who post regularly here - but enough about us: we'd like to hear what you're doing.

One of the coolest things about putting this site together is the chance to talk with and learn from Worldchanging readers. But most of us have never met most of you. Here's a chance to change that.

Please take a minute, introduce yourself in the comments and share a little about what you're working on or thinking about these days.

(PS: You can also post a link to this entry on your own blog, if you would like readers to be able to see what you're up to through the trackbacks. Think of it as an informal experiment in building a worldchanging blogroll.)

(PPS: the picture is Dawn's, from our retreat in August. We like to think that particular evening was an informal experiment in, um, er team-building. Please ignore the beer bottles.)

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Siel here, thinking about the environment in LA and fair trade coffee --

Posted by: green LA girl on 16 Jan 06

Brian - computer guy, father and husband.

Working on - a boot strap small business and as 'IT' for Liftport - the space elevator company. One is a backup in case the other fails. Don't ask me which is the backup .. I'm not sure at this point.

Thinking about - space access, history, where we've come from, where we are going, life extension, Japanese noir-pop, deadlines.

Posted by: Brian on 16 Jan 06

Teaching Geography and Weather while researching stormwater runoff and groundwater recharge in Los Angeles...

Posted by: Mike A on 16 Jan 06

Hey Alex,

I'm Caleb, met you when you talked with some of us Design students from SFU at the Koolhaas Library in Seattle. I surprised you with my rejection of cellphones.

I'm interested in backyard innovation, social anarchism and online community building.

Been enjoying Worldchanging for quite a while.

Get ready for some surprises from backyards in Vancouver.

Posted by: Caleb Buxton on 16 Jan 06

I am a computer science PhD student at the University of Waterloo in Canada. I run a blog about social entrepreneurism in which I write about interesting projects going on around the world in communications, energy, education, healthcare, and other areas. I have also cited worldchanging in a couple of blogs.

I got to know about worldchanging only some time back, and I find the postings to be very informative. Keep it up!

Posted by: Aaditeshwar Seth on 16 Jan 06

I'm an undergraduate focusing on environmental science, political science, and ethics. Just last week I took on an internship at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (a think tank based at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut). Something I've been pondering within the past year is how to turn environmentalism from its present vague, feel-good, special-interest form (which may be okay if not for its unsuccessfulness) into something whose economic and political foundations are so solid that hardly anyone can deny it. (Sweden and perhaps other countries seem already on the way.) Shouldn't our dream be a day when the word "environmentalism" itself is hardly necessary?

Posted by: Jonathan Pfeiffer on 16 Jan 06

In a few months, quitting my job to pursue any and all things cleantech. Haven't decided if I'm going back to school, leaping into biodiesel production, using computers for intelligent power management and feedback systems or, d) all of the above.

Posted by: Joe on 16 Jan 06

Defunct physicist turned software engineer, and family man.

Currently working at Invetech on whatever comes up.
Human being first. Australian resident second.
Jealous of Brian.

(Yes, that's really me in the credits.)

Posted by: Tony Fisk on 16 Jan 06

Howdy Thinking Peeps, Kat here. Working on Permaculture Design Solutions for an educational cooperative/guild. Thinking about mushrooms as medicine and mycoremedition, soil health, growing food in the city, vipasanna meditation and the end of capitalism as we know it. I'm exploring the concepts of placemaking, ecovillage living, glocalization, planethood, soular power, sustainable hedonism, gifting economies and thrivability for all!! Want to meet you all in person and have tea, creative conversation, build something together and dance around barefoot.

I'm continually inspired to "Go For It" by this site. Thank YOU!

Posted by: katherine Steele on 16 Jan 06

Happy MLK Day to All. Hmm…the "angle" here at is so inspiring really – it’d be a very rich content option that’d complement any newscast. I definitely believe that if the masses simply had access to more positive developments found here - innovative, solution-based experiments paving away towards brighter possibilities - as part of a more diverse and independent set of media channel options - then there would be accelerated momentum on a global scale for solutions countering serious issues across the spectrum. I’m thinking more than a little about shifting my career as quick as possible towards highlighting, amplifying or at least resonating public media that better serves the public interest - whether it's a documentary for high school libraries or an ad for a breakthrough ocean energy company - creating programs that were progressive commercial advertisements and/or public interest documentaries. So far projects in that direction have been the most fulfilling – now I just need to figure out how to make a living from doing it – helping to re-define value by simply promoting the best ideas, products and organizations as an alternative to the old advertising mantra "whatever it is, sell it." imagine if all these people actually believed in what they were selling? I mean right now the argument seems to be oh we are creating such amazing "art" in the service of selling credit cards, Silverado pick-ups or whatever. There is definitely some beautiful art going down in ads but just imagine if that energy went into pushing smarter products and forward-thinking 'whatever' – stuff that actually leans toward a win-win deal (profits + the public interest / greater good). Been thinking about starting such a company or be part of a larger creative collective since I haven’t found anyone working here in LA yet who shares a similar view. Other than ads that mislead the masses, my other worldchanging interests are e-vote machines (let's get open code, publicly owned and approved by pros), campaigns (finance reform with publicly-funded campaigns to get the best, most-competent politicians to represent people instead of money) and climate change - not to overlook ocean pollution and plenty more problems, but legitimizing democracy (starting with votes), improving the depth and quality of our understanding (news) and consumption (via advertising smarter products) might help us counter some of our big problems, including climate change. Sorry this is so long. Happy 2006...

Posted by: Fran Battaglia on 16 Jan 06

Jealous of Brian. Yes, that's really me in the credits.

Tony is talking about a killer poem he was inspired to write by the thought of the space elevator. I in turn am jealous of Tony; I can't write poetry to save my life. People like Kelly Tsai and Tony .. I'm in awe of them.

This bit struck me as especially well done ..

On a strand of silk that’s stronger far than steel.
Coriolis plucking gently at your wheel.

Posted by: Brian on 16 Jan 06

Chris checking in and loving every minute of WorldChanging. Thinking about sustainable energy solutions at the Pembina Institute ( in Calgary, Alberta.

I blog at TakingITGlobal:

Posted by: Chris on 16 Jan 06

My name is Adam. I'm a junior politics major at Reed College in Portland working with international security and political economy. This is one of the brightest, best-written, most interesting reads week after week and thank you all for it; the site's pragmatic but optimistic approach keeps me thinking about the rest of what matters and makes me hopeful that we have a better world ahead of us.

Posted by: a.mount on 17 Jan 06

Thanks for keeping us posted on positive innovative change that's moving in the right direction. I'm getting a master's degree in 'Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability' in Sweden, where we're learning basic scientific principles for sustainability that anyone worldwide can agree on, without getting lost in detail. (

Trying to feel out what community is, and how we, community members, within society, within the biosphere, can work together based on our common goals...

Looking forward to learning more about the pros and cons of biofuels, and sustainable energy supply in general, and how agriculture has teh potential to save the world.

Katherine, Fran, Jonathan, all other posters, keep up the positive energy- we are the revolution

Posted by: Melanie on 17 Jan 06

Working at Basel Convention Regional Centre in Pretoria, South Africa as Information & Marketing coordinator. We do training and technology transfer to ensure the environmentally sound management of hazardous and other wastes in our region, which is Anglophone Africa (21 countries).
At the moment we are running some Health care waste programmes and planning some chemicals programmes as wel as a mining waste programme.

Posted by: Lene on 17 Jan 06

Am I really the first European to post? Some of you know me, some of you might do when you read the WC book as I contributed a few words on the Rural Studio where I spent last year building the cheapest house ever, some of you might remember me as an occasional commenter with a thing against New Urbanism. But now I'm back in London, working as a strategic adviser on urban development and regeneration, a designer of public spaces and a writer of our own book, due out almost the same time as WC.

I'm working on the regeneration of the areas near the London Olympics site and Kings Cross. And apart from the super-urban, I'm thinking about all things rural - the future form of English villages, how to provide social infrastructure in the countryside, open-ended urban strategies and why artists are better at getting things done than almost everyone else. And I blog here!

Posted by: Hana Loftus on 17 Jan 06

Hi there fellow Worldchangers,

Michael here. I'm a sustainability and environment consultant down here in Brisbane Australia. I work for myself, having started my own small (very small actually) consultancy last year see I decided that I could either wait for someone to invite me to do sustainability work, or I could take a leap of great faith and make it happen for myself. I've had some great clients so far, and I get to work with some very dedicated people here at home. I'm also lucky enough to have associations with some fabulous and dedicated colleagues from elsewhere around the world - one a regular contributor to WC - I won't name drop, but they know who they are.

A more sustainable world is my professional passion, and personal ambition. The hard part is when it all seems so huge - it is wonderful to think that there's a whole lot more of us all out there, yet to stand up and be counted. Hopefully we'll soon outnumber the sceptics, the knockers, and the apathetic, to the point where being unsustainable is no longer the norm, and the real decision making can begin.

Sustainability is our journey - not our destination.

Posted by: Michael O'Brien on 17 Jan 06

Hi all, I'm an italian journalist and i write also for
Good luck!

Posted by: eugenio on 17 Jan 06

Texan science fiction writer hanging out in Europe.

Posted by: Bruce Sterling on 17 Jan 06

Australian journalism student. I'm also excited about posting straight after Mr Sterling, guilty by association. Better hurry before someone beats me.

Posted by: ruz on 17 Jan 06

Graduate student in the Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment ( ) at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.
Broadly, my research focuses on trade-offs of ecosystem goods and services with land-use change, while maintaining human well-being and ecosystem function. Working now on reducing the uncertainty of carbon emissions from tropical deforestation.

Posted by: David Zaks on 17 Jan 06

Gillo here. Just finished working for a great organisation like Greenpeace (personal reasons unfortunately), but I'll remain in the NGO field working as consultant ( on public engagement strategies, community building and online-offline interactions.

Following Michael's quote:
"There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.” (Marshall McLuhan)

Posted by: gillo on 17 Jan 06

I'm an ecosystem ecologist interested in resilience and adaptation in systems of people and nature. I’m particularly interested in understanding how to improve tradeoffs between ecosystem services across landscapes, in particular clean water vs. agricultural production (for more see I'm a professor jointly appointed in Geography and the School of the Environment at McGill University in Montreal.

I teach adaptive environmental management, environmental modelling, and environmental research. I the latter course I frequently work with students on campus sustainability and green building.

Some online things:
I run a blog on Resilience Science,

help out with the online open access journal Ecology and Society, and

I am a member of the Resilience Alliance.

Posted by: Garry Peterson on 17 Jan 06

Yes, that's my real name down there at the bottom.

Currently I'm living in Seattle as a freelance webmaster and web accessibility consultant but, I'm planning to return to life as an IT temp--the money's better.

Looking at my life so far, I don't think I'm really the sort to have a grand project. What I seem to have instead are a lot of little projects, many of which remain unfinished or undeveloped. My thoughts are hardly organized but, usually what I read here at WC is always inspiring!

(I'm almost done adjusting and testing the blog script upgrade that generates my personal site but, when I'm done installing it, I'll post a page that links or tracks back here.)

Posted by: Pace Arko on 17 Jan 06

Hello friends - David here. Partner in "green" architecture firm, rural denizen with gardens, orchard and wood lot, unrepentant aging hippie, closet nerd, avid explorer of outdoors by kayak, cross-country skis, bicycle or foot. Working on and thinking about much of what's discussed here. Desperately seeking sustainability.

Posted by: David Foley on 17 Jan 06

Karl Schroeder, science fiction writer and recently, foresight-studies consultant. Worldchanging is my favourite site, guys. Keep it up!

Posted by: Karl Schroeder on 17 Jan 06

Hey, my name's Noah Flower and I work for the Global Business Network. We do scenario planning and other projects related to long-term organizational strategy.

WorldChanging rocks. And that's all there is to say about that. :)

Posted by: Noah Flower on 17 Jan 06

Sydney-sider, software developer, and amateur science fiction writer. I don't drive a car.

Posted by: Angus Glashier on 17 Jan 06

A friend gave us designed to carry our video message. Sine R.Buckminster Fuller talked to us in the 70is about his future vision, he pointed to the coming together of video with computers, we would have the tools to make Humanity a global success and reverse the trend of Humanity sliding towards failure. It is exciting to finaly be able to design our own blog and vlogs. Since watching and recording Climate Change Seminars for the last three years, effects of nuclear technology warfare, we decided to focus on energy and give it a visual expression. We are in the experimental period. Check it out:
Our friend, who gave us turned us on to your
Good luck

Posted by: Werner Grundl on 17 Jan 06

Greetings...I'm Keegan with optimistic yawp from not-so-cold-anymore Minneapolis, MN. My paycheck is doing ecological restoration for the park system here. My passion is innovative sustainable designs that close loops, bring people together, and give tools to those who need them most. My goals are to eventually have a paycheck from my passion - or live somewhere where paychecks aren't necessary. My plans...either find a graduate school within the next year where i can submerge myself in sustainable studies...or start a prefab architecture business with a group of friends. Anyone have any suggestons?

To the worldchanging folks...thank you. Let's change everything for the better. Peace.

Posted by: Keegan Lund on 17 Jan 06

Hi WorldChanging!

Currently I earn a paycheck by working for a big-name environmental NGO as a GIS technology person. I'm beginning to realize that big-name NGOs probably aren't the best source for innovative ideas or major socio-economic change.

Interested in the development of open-source web mapping technology, biodiesel fuel development, clean energy, green design, and native landscape restoration.

Keep up the great work WorldChanging! I check your site every day!

Posted by: Jesse Langdon on 17 Jan 06

I'm director of research at KieranTimberlake Associates LLP, an architecture firm specializing in environmental design and architectural R&D in Philadelphia PA. My background is in sustainable design and I have a degree in Energy and Environment from the Architectural Association in London. Currently, I'm focused on designing sustainable prefabricated housing, but I also spend a fair amount of time working on new buildings, including a LEED Platinum school in Washington DC and a new sculpture building up at Yale University. I've also done a fair amount of architectural journalism, and currently write the odd piece for Artforum when I have the time.

I just got back from the International Builder's Expo in Orlando, where it was driven home just how far out of the mainstream (of the residential construction industry, at least) sustainable thinking is here in the United States. Kudos to Worldchanging for getting the message out, but let's not kid ourselves about how much work still needs to be done.

Posted by: Kevin Pratt on 17 Jan 06

In addition to the "alternative energy action" site linked to my name here, inspired by WorldChanging (and from which I've realized how much effort it takes to run something like this - effort I don't have for this right now!) I'm involved in a few other things:

* Vice President for Chapters with the National Space Society

* Editor for - science blog

* Editor for Science in Society and Space Colonization areas of the Open Directory Project

* Sci/Tech book reviewer (the Huntsville Times was publishing my stuff until Hurricane Katrina - any publishers out there interested?)

* And my day job, managing some software development at the American Physical Society

Posted by: Arthur Smith on 17 Jan 06

Ph.D. student in Computer Engineering, wondering how the hell to fit in a desire to work on something worldchanging and sustainable with current academic (and career) pursuit. I read worldchanging in the hope that someday I'll figure out a way to find something worth doing that will use the skills I have for working towards something that is more eco-friendly, sustainable and helps the greater common good.

Suggestions welcome. ;)

Posted by: Carthik on 17 Jan 06

I'm immersed in learning on sustainability related topics - to know enough to be dangerous. WC helps me in that endeavour. I'm trying to walk the tightrope between being acceptable to the mainstream, yet progressively sustainable. I'm presently occupying myself by issuing well-reasoned challenges to the stridently right-wing denial ('what environmental problems?') camp.

Posted by: Passion Flower on 17 Jan 06

Hello all.

For money I work with at-risk urban students, teacher and families through informal science education. Next week I will begin a 10 week afterschool program with HS and MS students. We will be manufacturing biodiesel in the MS lab and the students will be conducting research about different aspects of the fuel. Their culminating project will be a presentation at their city's Earth Day festival in the spring.

Often times I feel alone in my passion for challenging current systems. I am very thankful for Worldchanging. You are all inspirational.

Posted by: Daniel N Smith Jr on 17 Jan 06

Nice to read the readers ... My name is Phil Mitchell. I quit my day job recently to work fulltime on the 2People project -- a different angle on building a grassroots sustainability movement. WC is one of my core daily reads...

Posted by: Phil Mitchell on 17 Jan 06

I am an undergraduate in the department of Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University (NU) in Evanston, Illinois. I am currently heavily involved in many projects involving technology and sustainability, serving as the projects chair of Engineers for a Sustainable World ( and as a research assistant in a nanotechnology laboratory ( For ESW, we are working on some projects in Panama. Some of the nanotechnology problems I work on have been posted about on this site ( I hope to acquire a PhD, serve in both the professional and academic sectors, and merge the disciplines of materials science and environmental engineering as a means to implement sustainability.

My blog is a mish mosh of my playlists from my WNUR ( jazz and freeform playlists, as well as pictures of my continuous parties, and rantings about sustainability as I try to convert the friends that read my blog to sustainable mindedness.

Email me!

Posted by: John on 17 Jan 06

I'm a freelance writer covering LOHAS issues for regional magazines in So Cal and beyond. My latest assignment was for The Surfer's Path ( ) addressing sustainable surfboards in the wake Clark Foam's closing, which left hundreds if not thousands of shapers without the core material to build surfboards.

Posted by: Enrique on 17 Jan 06

Welcome, everyone!

The sun is out here in Seattle (cause enough for celebration during the Northwest winter), we're closing in on finishing the book manuscript, and life is good.

Thanks for the introductions. Keep 'em coming!

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 17 Jan 06

20-year TV veteran (editor) now splitting time between New York and southern Mexico. NYC - working with my wife who's building a Girls Club and community center in the Lower East Side. A green building, smart, lots of media, a plan to give away WiFi to the housing projects. Mexico - junglestomping, riverkeeping, video and podcasting, hanging with archaeologists and the NGOs who are working on sustainability in the Lacandon and Peten jungles.

You folks give us great information and inspiration for every project and habitat!

Wanna meet in Chiapas?

Posted by: Dave Pentecost on 17 Jan 06

Please don't taunt us, Alex. The great sky-fire hasn't shown its face in Oregon in many . . . days, I think we called them.

I'm doing Software QA work; unfulfilling but very good money. I do a trivial amount of writing on the side.

The stuff I read on WorldChanging gives me hope that there will be some interesting work out there to do, come career change time.

I taught my dog how to jump through a hula-hoop:

Posted by: Stefan Jones on 17 Jan 06

Location : Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Age : 24

The Story :

I am a currently working as a professional photographer and designer with a deep interest in sustainable development in the urban mainstream.

I am a member of a number of organizations that are promoting renewable energy development (in Canada / Ontario) combining both small and large scale production applications.

My personal goal is to help promote renewables and sustainability by cleaning up the image that has been carried over from the 80's legacy. I feel its a good application of my current skills.

On a personal note, I am in the process of starting my first renewable studio. Will keep you posted.

Posted by: Jon Thorpe on 17 Jan 06

Greetings, Worldchangers! I love what you've accomplished recently and look forward to learning about even more amazing, inspiring people and projects - keep up the great work. How close are we to regular WorldChanging meet-ups?

As for me, my name is Roy and I'm currently based in Seattle working on the development and financing of a few large renewable energy and green building projects in China. These days I'm thinking about how to leverage cheap, large-scale manufacturing capacity in China with clean-tech entrepreneurs in the US to make our renewable energy projects more profitable.

Posted by: Roy King III on 17 Jan 06

Greetings from Victoria, BC, where we are currently sharing the sunshine with our Seattle neighbours. I am a former filmmaker and theatrical actor; now a part-time graphic artist, professional downshifter and amateur quantum physicist.

I've been reading WorldChanging for over a year to get my daily dose of positive news about real progress in the world. Thank you for existing.

Posted by: Stephanie Garber on 17 Jan 06

Danger here, I'm among the seeming throng of World Changers who live in Seattle.

I do anything and everything related to the internet and I'm looking forward to buying several copies of the WorldChanging book. This site is always moving faster than I can keep up with and I'm grateful for all that I've learned here.

Posted by: Danger Stevens on 17 Jan 06

webmaster at the sierra club. board member of SFLCV. urban wanderer, who likes to think about urban design issues, architecture, and why we live the way we live.

very thankful that world changing is around to provide a forum for great ideas and lots of hope! i bring it up as a model every chance i get.

Posted by: adrian on 17 Jan 06

Greetings WorldChangers!

I have a keen interest in sustainability and the future in general, often with a transhumanist slant.

I work at a little startup in Silicon Valley, creating sensors and controllers which help semiconductor manufacturers use less chemicals and less energy while making our computers - but believe me we're still decades from anything approaching "green" in this industry...

I blog regularly about technology, sustainability and transhumanism. My current fascination is health and health-extension; I think living healthy and living sustainably are joined at the hip, in the sense that serving one almost always serves the other as well. There is probably a World Changing theme which could be exploited in there somewhere...

Posted by: Eric Boyd on 17 Jan 06

Soon to be PhD studying ocean climate modeling. Splitting my time between Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA. When I'm not writing a thesis I like to think about what will happen when everyone has a gps enabled camera phone with wifi uplink to the web, and if there is any easy way to drop the world population below 1 billion in the near future.

Posted by: Jordan Dawe on 17 Jan 06

I'm a computer programmer in Seattle. I used to think that computers were going to help us create a better world, but that didn't work out so well. Now instead of trying to change the world I just try to keep my role in the destruction of the planetary ecosystem to a minimum.

I like worldchanging because you all still seem to have your optimism. Who knows, maybe some of this stuff will actually work.

Posted by: Mars Saxman on 17 Jan 06

Ted, ecologist, former academic

I'm starting an NGO that develops free, customizable GIS tools from open-source components for use by grassroots environmental managers and activists in developing countries. We write the software and do face-to-face training. The idea is partly countermapping, partly ecosystem management, partly looking beyond monopolistic corporate GIS.

Posted by: Ted W. on 17 Jan 06

Hello from Brazil
IŽm a food scientist, with a PhD in cereal biochemistry. Coordinating Slow Food Foundation for BiodeversityŽs projects in Brazil, and working as a consultant for the Ministry of Agrarian Development. Interested in permaculture, sustainable development, artisanal foods, vegetarianism and sociobiodiversity.

Linked to in my website ( ages ago, and it is always a great time (a good feeling of hope) when I come to visit and read on your site. Thanks a lot!

Posted by: Roberta Sá on 17 Jan 06

Student at Harvard's Grad School of Education, currently involved with the emerging social entrepreneurship community here, recent alum of Teach for America, North Carolina. I'm trying to start a lesson plan sharing/social networking community for teachers. There's nothing there yet, but keep an eye on

Love the site, but wish there was as much coverage of other areas (esp. education) as there is of environemntal issues.

Posted by: Rob Lucas on 17 Jan 06

Lorenzo here, from Belgium, working on an ambitious bioenergy pact between Europe and sub-Saharan Africa.

The goal is to connect as many stakeholders in the green energy sector as possible, and to convince them that sub-Saharan Africa can produce what we Europeans need (cheap bioenergy feedstock), while for Africans energy farming will open up new ways to invest in agriculture, infrastructure and development, bringing in many new jobs and opportunities. Thus the pact is based on a perfect exchange situation.

The network consists of institutional players, NGOs, development agencies, businesses and investors from both continents.

Glad to have discovered Worldchanging.

Lorenzo Rademakers

Posted by: Lorenzo on 17 Jan 06

I'm a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. My research involves uncertainty modeling for engineering design and decision making, especially with regard to the environmental impact of complex products throughout their life cycles. World-Changing is a regular read of mine; I've forwarded several relevant articles to colleagues.

My goal is to understand and close the gap between industrial practice and various wild ideas about sustainability and "green design", as seen on your site, for intstance. I'll start down this path in industry (somewhere) in 2006!

Posted by: Scott D. on 17 Jan 06

katuah: FAQ:
By day, I implement large web application software environments for the US EPA. By evening, I am a member of my city's Open Space & Trails Commission, where we are currently advocating the development of an Urban Open Space Plan for the city that incorporates greening, walkability, and other sustainability-related themes. By night, I am a graduate student in Integral Ecology and Community Sustainability, in which I am exploring collaborative and community-based initiatives for ecosystem management and creating truly "sustainable development" - or perhaps a better term would be "sustainable economies." And like many of the other commenters here, I'd love to find work more directly related to creating a better world, but I haven't been that lucky - yet.:-)

Thanks for keeping us informed! You guys rock.

Posted by: katuah on 17 Jan 06

Wow, it's great to hear from so many readers. I'm Jon Lebkowsky, one of the WorldChanging contributors. I'm an Internet consultant based in Austin. I think WorldChanging bloggers are fortunate to get as much intelligent feedback as we do; those of you who post comments contribute so much more to the intelligence we gather here. My hope for the future is that we'll have a huge WorldChanging party one day, and you'll all show up (and bring food).

Posted by: Jon Lebkowsky on 17 Jan 06

I'm an undergraduate at MIT studying materials science and engineering. I'm really psyched about renewable energy and helped found the inaugural MIT Solar Decathlon team. I love reading the site and hope to one day have some impact that gets discussed here.

Posted by: Jonathan Krones on 17 Jan 06

Hi - My name is Grant, and I work for WWF-Australia, managing and developing their website (, as well as working with the communications, fundraising and conservations teams here to improve and expand their online communications.

In addition to following environmental news and technology (which comes with the job really) I'm also avidly interested in organics, fair trade and micro-finance.

(BTW, thanks for the inspiration and great information that worldchanging brings to us all. It's very much appreciated.)

Posted by: Grant on 17 Jan 06

Hey Friends, Jon Foley here in Madison, Wisconsin.

I'm a professor of Environmental Studies and Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences at the University of Wisconsin, where I also direct our Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE).

Check us out at:

My work focuses on the links between climate and ecosystems, and how human activities are changing those relationships on regional and global scales. My work mainly focuses on the use of satellite data and computer models, but we also do field work in the U.S., the Amazon basin, and beyond.

Thanks to the WolrdChanging crew for one of the most interesting and powerful web communities I've ever seen!

Posted by: Jon Foley on 17 Jan 06


Jeffrey here in Minneapolis. Sustainable contractor, currently looking for a bright green, new construction/development project.

I'm also the organizer of Architecture for Humanity-Minnesota, currently focusing on Gulf Coast rebuilding...

WorldChanging: reliably uplifting and inspiring reading. Thanks to all...

Posted by: Jeffrey Swainhart on 17 Jan 06

I am a 21 year old undergraduate at The Ohio State University in Columbus- Ohio is for lovers! I am interested in global efficient energy usage. I am working on a text entitled, "Manifespo," which will frame experience as integrated information. Evol=Love Organizing and Optimizing the spiraling energy in which we float is the task of every crew member of Planet Earth.

Parts of Manifespo are posted at
Here are 12 ideas I am currently toying with:
1. Biomass Building Connectors
2. GRINT- Grid of Renewable Integrated Networked Transport
3. Securelectric Darts
4. STUDIO- Email me about this one.
5. SolaPhilm- utilizing quantum dots MEG for cheap polymer PVs
6. SPOLA- utilizing SolaPhilm for various areas
7. Spomizer- safe pharmaceutical vapor delivery
8. Promethean Power Plants-
9. One Minute Dental Complete
10. Spurifiers- Clean air and water for everyone!
11. Hemp polymer, plywood, biofuel, clothes, food, fun
12. Aerogel- insulation, clothes, bags, floatation devices

Worldchanging has been a voice of dynamic optimism in my mind since I stumbled here a year ago. Hopefully focal nodes such as WorldChanging will serve as bedrock foundation of the Creative Efficiency Revolution. I love hearing from creative, inspired, cranky people- Keep inspiring this determined soldier!

Posted by: David Spoey on 17 Jan 06

Hey! Dave in Melbourne, Australia. Doing software development and just thinking about changing the world. My WorldChanging is all about comprehensive optimism.

Posted by: Dave on 17 Jan 06

Brisbane, Australia based architect. Sustainable design manager for our practice, trying to implement as much ESD into our projects a I can. No car in this car mad city (we have the lowest public transport use in Australia).

Posted by: tim harland on 17 Jan 06


Posted by: Alex Steffen on 17 Jan 06

Nice to know what y'all are upto out there. I'm Rohit, a WorldChanging contributor from Bombay ( I refuse to call it Mumbai). I'm a writer, waiting for the launch of my first novel in treeware, come February. And if all goes well, the most exciting job in the country awaits me -

Posted by: Rohit Gupta on 18 Jan 06

I live in Ashland, Oregon and am the administrator of United Bicycle Institute, a trade school that trains bicycle mechanics and teaches the art of custom bicycle frame building.

We are also, we think, the world's only solar-powered bike mechanics school. Last year we installed an 8.5 kw grid-tied PV array on our roof. Our web site is

I'm consumed with promoting world-sustaining transportation and the urban planning necessary to make walking, cycling and other human-powered forms of transport both safe and delightful.

Thanks for Worldchanging, a site I visit daily. It's a good antidote to despair!

Posted by: John Baxter on 18 Jan 06

Make An Impact! Three great words to live by and inspiration for a site called Groovy Green ( that joins WorldChanging in an effort to encourage people to read, become motivated, and take action in living a healthier green lifestyle. My team is made up of a fellow blogger ( and an arborist from Seattle. We love what we write about and are encouraged by the recent interest in sustainability worldwide. Feel like becoming a contributor? Drop me a line at the address above!

Posted by: Michael d'Estries on 18 Jan 06

I live near Peterborough, Ontario, Canada in a straw bale, off grid, passive solar home, built by myself, family and friends. Sometimes I give talks on what it's like to live off the grid at sustainable living events around Ontario.

In my spare time I sustainably harvest wood off my own land for furniture I design and build. As well I have a line of LED based lights that are currently being sold in Toronto.

I'm currently paying the mortgage as a UI Architect for a firm in Toronto.

Posted by: Glen Hunter on 18 Jan 06

Spent the last year learning all about Linux. Now 'so long MS', 'hello MEPIS'! Been reading about early americans and watching the world go by.

Posted by: Carl Schellenberg on 18 Jan 06

I'm Kevin from Madison, Wisconsin.

Currently listening to John Fahey and thinking about what Douglass Rushkoff has to say.

I'm happy to be doing what I want to be doing in life: as a husband, a father, a writer, and a learner.

Posted by: Kevin O'Malley on 18 Jan 06

Westy here.
Busy thinking about the big picture.
Trying to live my life to glorify God each and every day. Dealing with the ramifications for what that means in the choices I make.
My mind is full of buzz, too much to go into here, but I'm loving some of the ideas presented here that are gaining friction. There's so much going on in the world.
There is much to be done, but action doesn't best inaction if it's for foolhardy causes.

Posted by: Westy on 18 Jan 06

Hey everyone, I'm just finishing up my degree as a philosophy major, political science minor. Besides my blogs on solutions to life (being naive is fun!) I help out with Jef Raskin's Humane Interface, called Archy ( It's a great idea for human-computer interaction design.

I'm currently concentrating on digital art, and I like reading about sustainable design and systems theory (or Complex Adaptive Systems research, or whatever those crazy kids are calling it these days).

WorldChanging, if you need help I'll be in Seattle before June ;)

Posted by: Corey Birnbaum on 18 Jan 06

Small Business Owner. Coffee Maker. Soon to be Father.

Working on my cafe being a real community hub and positive contribution to society.

Thinking about what the peace movement might learn from the corporations they often condemn. Concerned that they may be throwing the baby out with the bath water. If a company/corporation is nothing more than a 'well oiled' system of organisation towards a desired goal, then there may be much that could be learned by (in a sense) business planning peace.

Simply replace the goal of 'more money' with a goal of 'world peace' and see what happens.

Love WorldChanging! Thank You!

Posted by: Morgan Daly on 18 Jan 06

Howdy Worldchangers! I'm Amy Allcock, a Canadian web designer, amateur photographer, fair-trade supporter and aspiring worldchanger. Although my interest vary a bit, I'm committed to the idea of social and environmental change and run the web site Millimeters of Change which is based on the philosophy that small changes can make a big difference. I'm a huge fan of the WorldChanging site and it's great to hear from so many other readers!

Posted by: Amy Allcock on 18 Jan 06

Adam Burke, Australian capitalist running dog.

Posted by: Adam Burke on 19 Jan 06

delurking to say hi. i'm anna, a copywriter in london, just trying to live right and find resources to help me with the small but significant decisions we're faced with every day (should i drive to the farmers market? or walk to the supermarket? is it more important to me to buy organic? or locally produced?). those kinds of things that keep me awake. thanks for all the great work.

Posted by: anna on 19 Jan 06

hi, i'm michael, and i am restoring a 400 year old stone cottage in umbria, italy, moving towards a sustainable relationship with nature on my 5 acres of pasture and chestnut/oak forest, reclaiming overgrown fields and coppicing the chestnut.
i write, perform, compose and record music in my home studio, and am panning 5 yurts on the property to host folks who want a pleasant environment to come hang, brainstorm, jam and dream a better world.
i am caring for a pregnant donkey and a camargue stallion, as well as 2 dogs and 2 cats.
i have solar/wood-fired water heating, a solar well pump, and since i live in hilly country, am devising ways to create more ponds, irrigation and interesting plantings for future foods, like edible bamboo.

i love this part of italy, but feel cut off from many new trends, as it is major sleepy. most folks in my village have probably never heard of broadband!

the major industries here are firewood and furniture lumber, and tobacco in the valleys.

it was really interesting to read about the possible vaccine-creation possibilities here.

i love this site and visit regularly. the topics are great and the writing excellent.

anyone wants to come check it out and/or stay and help out a while, you're welcome, just email me.
cheers, and keep learning and sharing!

Posted by: michael Dunkley on 19 Jan 06

We're diverse, aren't we?

Here's from the Canary Islands (Spain). Looking for ways to foster "basic self-sufficiency in water, food and energy - in 3 years (or less)".

WC is great, but your scratch creates another itch: How do I help local change?

I'm also working on something to do with translating stuff - more when I can write about it ;) btw - what happened to the idea of making WC a bit multilingual?

Posted by: Lucas Gonzalez on 19 Jan 06

Jesse from Iqaluit, Nunavut here. I work on the Historic Places Initiative for the federal government through the territorial government. I'm an avid traveller of the world and especially to places that aren't well known and remote. I've been to all the continents except Australia and mainland Africa. I've been to a lot of places on the globe affected by climate change, but unfortunately it seems like my home in the arctic is the worst hit area.

It's good to know that some people around the world care. Great site guys, keep it up.

Posted by: Jesse Tungilik on 19 Jan 06

I'm an undergrad Economics major at Pomona College. I can't wait to get out into the world and start implimenting worldchanging concepts. I'm starting my first business now; hopefully you'll be hearing about it soon!

Posted by: Ryan on 19 Jan 06

Welcome everyone!

It's Nicole, your Paris-based Worldchanging contributor (originally from beautiful Vancouver, BC.) I'm happy to see some Europeans weigh in. I'm thinking a WC Europe event might be a good idea, whatchathink?

I'm humbled and excited, as always, by our amazing readers -- who, where, what you're all doing.


Posted by: Nicole Boyer on 20 Jan 06

I'm a physics student in Utrecht, The Netherlands. My main interest is to keep this planet going longer then me. You're a great inspiration for that!

Posted by: Rikkert on 20 Jan 06

good eve'nin to you all,
my name is rektide. i've always been a bit of a naturalist and at heart or in mind; my religion used to preach about the interdependent web of life before they caught up with the times and changed it to interdependent web of all existance. i never really needed the message, but it was comforting hearing it and nice to have friends of the like. i dunno why i havent cut this, but i really feel the broader ecosystem interconnectedness tint really defines a huge part of my character.

beyond all the fluffy systems ecology philoso-junk i love though, i always was and always will be a hardcore technocrat. so far i've done mainly embedded systems, building both the hardware and software that make up the smaller kin to computers, for the large part for my own mad scientist bemusement. just got my degree in computer engineering; originally i wanted to do mechatronics but i've been totally overblown with just how systems oriented computers are becoming and there's just too much opportunity for hacking and meddling there. my secret project is trying to build a more hackable information ecosystem. after that i'm going to build low cost hackable hardware cause no one else is and because i want cool portable toys. no one except Neuros, they're pretty rad in my book. no affiliation, i just love hacking, love the art of engineering. i'll be fucked if someone's gonna pretend to tell me i cant re-engineer something myself.

computers are my current ilk, but i try to track just about everything. true technocrats need perspective, need to have focus wider and beyond their own little horizon. its more than just duty though, its perspective, its knowledge, its play. all these things are inherently valuable.worldchanging certainly made the job of tracking and discussing a truckload easier, my innumerable thanks. queue the sterling quotes vis-a-vise fire hydrants. I'd also like to thank RSS for keeping me better connected (although Atom is way better). my last big inspirational shout out goes to MIT's 21st century organizations paper for saying everything i never could and for giving real definition to the the miasma of thought that was once merely a'swirl in my head. props gents.

last q; is anyone offended by the notion of "information ecology"? us computer geeks think it can sometimes be very apt (rarely enough are systems actually open enough for it to be truly applicable), but i just wonder if anyone in the environmental field is opposed to the co-option as a whole?

Posted by: rektide on 21 Jan 06

I'm a returned Peace Corps Volunteer; I did Educational/IT work for the Jamaican Ministry of Education. I'm back stateside getting a Masters in International Tech Policy, focusing on IT and int'l development...

Posted by: GriffJon on 21 Jan 06

(FWIW, Rektide, I've used the term "information ecology" myself in the past; I don't think it's particularly offensive to people with an environmental focus.)

Posted by: Jamais Cascio on 21 Jan 06

re: nicole's suggestion of a europe WC get together, yeh, I suggest Micheal's place in umbria. sounds good!

Posted by: Flannel Flower on 22 Jan 06

hi! I'm an italian artist, I love your blog, I love positive proporsals, I just red something interesting about russian research on junk-dna, if you're able to do it in italian you can go to:

Posted by: emilio on 24 Jan 06

Hiya - am a toronto based designer/educator, currently obsessing over education in refugee situations, sustainable architecture and redicovering my love of textiles.

Posted by: Britt Welter-Nolan on 24 Jan 06

Hi from Washington DC - am I seeing right when no one else is from DC? I'm Rob, I work for the World Resources Institute a non-profit, non-partisan environmental "do-tank" as we like to call it (versus "think-tank"). Particular focus on bottom/base of the pyramid business models. Blog on about those very topics.

More importantly, I'm a frisbee player, sports fanatic, and fan of all things WorldChanging. Keep it up, guys - this is an amazing place and I'm happy to be part of it.

Posted by: Rob on 25 Jan 06

I do work on campus sustainability in Austin, TX.

Posted by: Corinna on 27 Jan 06

I'm a graduate architecture and community planning student at the University of Cincinnati, focusing on community development through urban agriculture. I recently served as the chair of the 2005 American Institute of Architecture Students national conference, themed "Building from Crisis", discussing the social response and ethical responsibility of the architecture profession to humanitarian and natural disasters.

I'm now the student director/project manager for the UC solar decathlon team and moonlight as a policy advisor for Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory. I hate Peter Eisenman.

Posted by: Christopher Davis on 29 Jan 06

From about 1980, when BMW demonstrated a hydrogen-burning car that could go over 300 km on a Dewar-ful, I was a hydrogen fan, looking forward to nuclear energy's taking over the vehicle-propulsion task by providing the hydrogen. After enough years had gone by, and BMW was again demonstrating a liquid-hydrogen car that could go 300 km -- but now able also to run on gasoline -- I began to wonder where all the in-service hydrogen cars and nuclear hydrogen plants were.

--- Graham Cowan, former hydrogen fan
Fire without monoxide

Posted by: Graham Cowan on 29 Jan 06

C'mon WorldChangers!!! There's got to be more than 93 of us out there willing to stand up, say hello, and be counted???!!! :)

Posted by: Michael on 31 Jan 06

Laurent, environmental lawyer with UICN, the world conservation Union, based in Dakar, Senegal. I find the posts very informative and more then all inspirational as it helps me thinking policy and law outside of the box. Big up to all the team!

Posted by: laurent granier on 31 Jan 06

Hey there. You are all the reason I get so excited about the future. I am a 4th year Environmental Geography student in Guelph, ON Canada. I am currently involved as a student with a community energy plan for our city, and a campus group working on retrofitting and renewable energy. I am hoping to get my hands dirty working on green urban planning. Any suggestions of a good next step? More school? Internships? the sky's the limit I suppose... (p.s. - nuclear is a terrible idea)

Posted by: Adam Scott on 31 Jan 06

I'm a PhD student in environmental microbiology, a Quaker, blogger and activist. I am interested in food production and sustainable interactions with soil, for example the work of Masanobu Fukuoka. I love Joanna Macy's 'Work that Reconnects' which is an emotional & spiritual tool kit to stay alert and responsive in the world as it is. Other things I love are designing clothes, making music and art.

Posted by: Alice M. on 2 Feb 06

Welcome, everyone!

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 3 Feb 06

Hi all. Great to meet ya.

I'm a transplanted New York City girl, living in the great state of California now for many years. I'm hoping that, despite "Ah-nold," Cali can push the US coastal states to make some big changes - as has been discussed here at length. I work at a major movie studio, in marketing. Much like Fran above, I am trying to figure out a way that some of the WC magic can trickle into media/pop culture. Working on it.

I found WC (and my other fave site TreeHugger) via some random comments at Daily Kos last year, and have been reading regularly ever since. Like many of you I suspect, I am consistently bewildered that I don't see more of the inspiring, exciting, WC/TH newstream on CNN, NBC, etc here in the states. I feel bad for folks with no internet access - they are missing out on the inspiration of the green blogosphere.

Happy to see that the Honorable Mr. Sterling stops by. Fab company here. Cheers all.

Posted by: Prog Grrl on 4 Feb 06

Alex, it sounds like we have the makings here of a raucous Seattle-based party!

For my part, I blog.

Posted by: David Roberts on 7 Feb 06

Reformed string theorist, now
bioinformaticist, at work, sort
of, on a book about singularitiness
from an Xer perspective, as
opposed to the boomer perspective
of Kurzweil and most of the other
cheerleaders of progress.

I don't quite agree with the web site
premise that we can perfect the world
right now, because I think we are not
quite wealthy enough, but give it
another decade.

I believe that the current lack of life
satisfaction in the wealthy world is the
most important phenomenon of the present
time, because it calls into question the
whole reason for caring about progress or
trying to "help" third-world countries. Do
we want them all on Prozac too?

Also I find myself obsessed with the
question of what people will do for the
next 10,000 millenia. People believe that
forward progress has no end but I think
we can already see that in many fields,
including my former field of physics,
it is slowing or has stopped. The question
is what comes next.

Posted by: Will Nelson on 7 Feb 06

I am an intern in a little DC non profit. Recently finished a grad school in Austin, TX. I am interested in sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and nutrition. I am now looking for a job--something that will bring a sense of satisfaction and a feeling that I am contributing to the society. Altough I am still not sure how to approach it. In twenty years, I want to see myself helping to create sustainable communtities and organic farming in the developing world.

Posted by: mary on 7 Feb 06

Francis Scully
Bangor, Maine

I'm a 22 year-old graphic designer, at the moment; stuck between a strict moral personality (predicated upon sustainability & economic equality) and an economic structure that seems to be predicated upon ecologically-destructive imperialism and factory farmed humans & animals drenched in the future blood of abortion many scientists call global climate change through an international trading system that seems to be what's causing all the fuss from just about every angle I can conjure up in my mental models. For the Bush administration to say we're addicted to oil is an extreme understatement. More crank-rants at delicious/blog

I'm currently volunteering for several different social & environmental non-profit organizations, but I'm also looking for local work in something/anything that even remotely resembles a hope for the future. So far I've had no luck, when all I see are big-box stores colonizing the landscape with their 2-dimensional toxicly-unsustainable slave-made products.

I first found out about WorldChanging through the PopTech conference, and have been hooked ever since. I too am thinking about what Rushkoff is saying, but also looking at articles here about a 250mpg vehicle and scratching my head at why the entire world community wouldn't jump on this technology with full force right this instant. Anyways, keep up the good work; a great source of inspiration & hope!

Posted by: Francis Scully on 7 Feb 06

Jon here RPCV who did IT/Education projects, now in the middle of a Master's program, focusing on IT in development.

Posted by: GriffJon on 8 Feb 06

Hi I'm Ahmed in London and I'm freezing right now. I've tried and failed once to change the world (briefly ran a startup international development NGO) and am now currently trying to earn some money so I can do it all again; hey, failing honourably is fun!

Reading this for ideas, optimism and hope!

Posted by: Ahmed on 8 Feb 06

gmoke from Central Square, Cambridge halfway between Harvard and MIT.

Video of my solar reading light at
Video of my solar bike light and backpack at

The videos were made by Werner Grundl and are hosted on his videoblog (vblog):

Solar is civil defense,

Posted by: gmoke on 8 Feb 06

World is changing in Barcelona too. I work as an engineer...there are so many ways of doing things better! I'm sure we all can spot them and bring them to the end: future for we all.

Posted by: Ignasi on 9 Feb 06

Teaching literature at a university in Taiwan, and now incorporating "eco-criticism", nature writing, and social ecology in my courses. We have the hardware, but the software (above) is damn hard to rewrite!

Posted by: Zippinski on 9 Feb 06

I'm a junior at The University of Georgia studying International Affairs and thinking about how international development can happen in much different ways from how it usually does. This site's pragmatic optimism always keeps me going!

Posted by: helen on 10 Feb 06

That is what we say here in Philadelphia.
I am a transplant from Seattle, now living here and earning a Masters in urban design & planning from UPenn (in pursuit of my dream of the world's first green city). Attempting, like the rest of you, to think big, think long-term, fight entropy and corruption.
My current project and lifetime goal is to introduce systems thinking into the urban political/development process. If we had a hundred years, we'd be making good time.
WC is the best combination of starry-eyed wonder and determination out there. Keep it up.

Posted by: justus on 11 Feb 06

Have spent the past few years trying to reconcile some "greener" personal ethics with a new urban lifestyle in New York City (transplanted from Vermont). The impressive array of things I found here in NYC are largely assembled in a book that was released in January--The Big Green Apple: Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Living in New York City (Globe Pequot Press).

The book is intended to be a practical, livable set of tips and strategies for the "typical" New Yorker trying to lessen their impact--alongside profiles of the particularly innovative and impressive businesses, organization, and individuals here. More could be learned at

The only consistant paycheck comes from writing grant proposals (fun fun) for the NYC-based renewable energy education and advocacy nonprofit, Solar One. Our office/classroom is powered by the sun.

In March, on assignment for GOOD Magazine ( I'll be attempting to live "the greenest month" possible. Ground rules have yet to be fully established, and much debate and criticism will doubtlessly ensue. Suggestions are welcome. Will be doing that most predicatable and pedestrian of things--I'll be blogging. ( will launch towards the end of February)

Nice to meet y'all.

Posted by: Ben Jervey on 12 Feb 06

Hi folks, i'm in the process of establishing ShoppingFix - a sustainable shopping rewards program here in Wellington, New Zeland. I'm also enjoying reading World Changing resources. We all need to work toward recognising the real cost of goods and services in our consumer driven world. Bring on ShoppingFix. (

Posted by: Mike on 13 Feb 06

Trying to get my novel published. It's deeply concerned with where we are and where we're going and how we can be doing things differently and what is it to be human now. Singing in a band with similar lyrical content. Keeping a blog with similar focus.

Posted by: billy on 14 Feb 06

Friends, Mike here. Former NASA engineer (10 years, 8 of which doing R&D for Goddard's Earth Science Directorate) and now writing and prosecuting patents at a law firm in Washington DC. A Buckminster Fuller disciple, I am convinced that the problems facing us are symptoms of lack of creativity, collective blind spots, and anti-intellectual parochial leadership. A better life is ahead, thanks to all of you. Count me in.

Posted by: Mike Tierney on 17 Feb 06

Seattle writer of a variety of different things, but currently a memoir. Would likely not have ended up here, had not I met Alex, whose reach is both random and wonderful. The content I've found here is slipping its way into a bunch of the things I'm writing, and hopefully I'm directing some of my completely random book audience to this site and the campaign via my website. Writing a novel about a fictional, but definitely not implausible banana blight, too, if anyone has any great info on that topic.

Posted by: Maria Headley on 18 Feb 06



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