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A Bit of Bird Flu Good News
Jamais Cascio, 27 Jan 06

With recent reports of avian flu H5N1 spreading across Asia towards Turkey, it's nice to see a positive report on virus research. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have engineered a vaccine for H5N1 that provided 100% protection tests on in mice and chickens. Moreover, the vaccine successfully triggers a broad immune response that could work against multiple variants of the infection.

The focus of the research is on a vaccine for use in captive bird populations; the human infections have largely been in people who handle poultry. H5N1 is 100% fatal to chickens, but this vaccine, when delivered subcutaneously, protected all test chickens against levels of the virus far larger than they would likely face in a natural outbreak.

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Too bad for the mice and chickens used to determine this. Isn't there a better, world-changing, way?

Posted by: JN2 on 28 Jan 06

Unfortunately no there is not as of yet. Computer Simulations are not up to the task as of yet as they are held back by inferior hardware. We will be able to do such a thing eventually but not yet.

Posted by: Chris on 28 Jan 06



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