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How to Market Global Warming
Alex Steffen, 10 Mar 06

Marketing guru and WC ally Seth Godin explores how we might better market the climate catastrophe we face to spur action:

One degree every few years doesn't make good TV. Because activists have been unable to tell their story with vivid images about immediate actions, it's just human nature to avoid the issue. Why give up something we enjoy now to make an infintesimal change in something that is going to happen far in the future?

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This is actually one of my favorite topics -- how to get people to care about issues. Preaching, of course, doesn't work. And now that we've become properly desensitized, alarmism is an even weaker strategy. But selling. Now, in a consumerist society like ours, that always works.

So here's a question for you: How can we make prevention of climate change s e x y? (Note: I tried to write that as one word, but my post was blocked for "questionable content", and I think that was it. But I digress.) How do we make prevention of climate change an "in" thing? How do we make it something folks want to do? Or even (dare we dream) want to *pay* for?

Perhaps you WorldChanging folks could host a competition to see who among this creative and ingenious community can come up with the best slogan and/or poster that makes prevention of climate change s e x y. I'd love to see what people come up with.

Posted by: Irma on 13 Mar 06



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