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Why You Should Support Worldchanging

As we've explained, we need to raise some money to keep this site going, and your help is critical.

We spend a lot of time on Worldchanging. The site itself is a ton of work: between all of us, we probably scan over 1,000 sites and feeds to bring you the best, most important tools, models and ideas for building a better future. We also make a point, as you know, of always providing critical context and useful original content. We'd like to do even more: more interviews, more essays, more book reviews, more conference reports. All of this is time-intensive work.

We're also broadening our scope, and presenting worldchanging information in new ways. We just sent off the manuscript of our book. We'd like to create a more international conversation around technology, sustainability, development and social change. We're planning a series of live events over the next year, chances for our readers and allies to get together and get to know one another. All of this costs money to do.

So far, readers have donated almost $17,000. That's awesome. But if we can get to $50,000 in reader support, we will be given another $100,000 in matching grants. That amount of funding will be fundamental to letting us continue making WorldChanging better and better.

We need your help. Every dollar you give will become, in the end, three dollars -- and every dollar we raise will translate directly into making sure we can continue to bring you the work we do. It doesn't even need to be a large donation -- although if you donate more than $500, we will send you a signed advance copy of our book in appreciation, and note your gift in the acknowledgements -- even ten or twenty dollars brings us closer to our goal.

So please, consider making a donation today. With your help, we can keep changing the world, together.

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Hi - I'd be happy to donate but your system doesn't accept PayPal and I don't have a credit card. I also don't live in the US so I can't send a cheque. I suppose I could get an international money order and snail mail it but yeesh, how hard does this have to be? Could you please set up a PayPal address to donate to? Thanks!

Posted by: Sandra on 19 Mar 06

What's the overhead on Give'n'Gain? Paypal gouges 5-10% effective on small donations; if G'n'G is better I'll donate that way, otherwise I too will wait for a PayPal option.

Posted by: Bill Hooker on 20 Mar 06

Just wanted to let everyone know that the PayPal option is back up on the campaign site, right along side the GivenGain button. Thanks again for all of the interest and support!

Posted by: Tessa on 20 Mar 06

I already gave my maximum. Other ways I can help?

Posted by: Corinna Kester on 20 Mar 06

Thanks, Corinna, that's really generous. We could always use help spreading the word about the site, and about the campaign.

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 20 Mar 06

To follow up, PayPal takes a cut from each donation of 2.9% + $0.30. GivenGain is also about 3%, plus $0.60 per donation - both are totally secure servers. Thanks!

Posted by: Tessa on 23 Mar 06



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