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The Beastie Boys are Open Source!
Micki Krimmel, 20 Mar 06

The Beastie BoysYou may have heard by now about the ground-breaking Beastie Boys concert documentary Awesome; I Fucking Shot That! Well, if you weren’t lucky enough to catch it at Sundance or SXSW, you may still get your chance for a sneak preview. The film opens in limited cites on March 31 but wouldn’t it be so much cooler to be the first on your block to see it? And what if you could watch it at the same time as thousands of other fans across the country, or at least in your time zone? On March 23, Awesome will be digitally presented at nearly 200 theaters nationwide at 8pm local time through Big Screen Concerts.

I am really excited by the idea of cinema as a national (regional or global) event – moviegoers experiencing the show at the same time as the rest of the country. According to their press release, THINKFilm is pursuing a non-traditional release strategy in keeping with the imaginative style of filmmaking as well as the punk rock nature of the band. Fans who attend the March 23 preview screenings will also see "A Day in the Life of Nathanial Hornblower," a 30-minute David Cross short created specifically for this one-time event, which will then “self-destruct,” never to be seen again (except online, of course).

The Beastie Boys have long been known for their DIY attitudes and support of mix culture. They encourage fans to download samples and a capella tracks from their website to create mash-ups. They took that sentiment one step further in the creating of Awesome; I Fucking Shot That! Awesome is not your average concert film as you may be able to guess from the title. The majority of the footage was shot by fans themselves. At a concert at Madison Square Garden, the band handed out 50 Hi8 cameras to fans in the audience with the only instructions: Start the camera at the beginning of the show and don’t stop it until it’s finished. The result is a concert film from the view of the fans themselves and celebrating the concert-going experience. The shots are shaky and grainy and you can’t always see the band. One fan filmed his trip to the bathroom and another documented his successful attempt to get backstage. It’s truly a film about the fans, by the fans, for the fans, and a real model of participatory media. I don’t know about you, but on March 23, I’m fucking going to see this movie!

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Why are they open source? They plan to licence by creative commons or something?

Posted by: Camilo on 21 Mar 06

I'm glad to have that title explained. I didn't know it was a Beastie Boys concert - when I first heard it, I thought it had something to do with Dick Cheney.

Posted by: David Foley on 22 Mar 06



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