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Is Public Gaming the Next Public Television?
Alex Steffen, 14 Apr 06

We've written extensively about gaming as a worldchanging tool. David Rejeski wants to take it seriously as such and have the U.S. government fund a "Corporation for Public Gaming" analagous to the the Corporation for Public Broadcasting that brought us NOVA and Sesame Street:

"The best kept secret in the world of computer and video games is the rise of a movement – now in the thousands -- of gamers dedicated to applying games to serious challenges such as education, training, medical treatment, or better government. The Serious Games movement is in many ways today’s equivalent of yesterday’s advocates for non-commercial, educational TV, who knew that the potential of the medium was unrealized and went far beyond pure entertainment....

"However, serious games, like serious TV, are likely to remain a sidebar in the history of mass media. Non-commercial television floundered, despite millions of dollars of investment by the Ford Foundation, until the government stepped in and created a viable and long-lasting alternative. With similar vision and foresight, and a relatively small amount of funding, this could happen with video and computer games.

A Corporation for Public Gaming (CPG) could be established that would operate on a model similar to its broadcasting equivalent, providing grants to develop a diversity of games for the public good. Like CPB, the goal of the CPG would be to provide high-quality games, which “inform, enlighten and enrich the public.”

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Is there some reason the mission of the current CPB could not be expanded to include games? There is obvious scope for crossover content, like building games based on popular television characters. It would take a long time for a new organization to put down community roots like public television stations have.

Posted by: Trey on 14 Apr 06

Here's more smart stuff on the same topic:

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 16 Apr 06



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