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Worldchanging Pledge/ Campaign Update

As we noted yesterday, WC reader Tony Fisk has launched a pledgebank pledge, saying "I will contribute $500 US to the WorldChanging fund but only if 4 other people (or groups) will too."

Well, we have three (plus Tony) -- all we need is one more to make this pledge come true. Remember, all gifts of $500 or more will score you an advanced copy of the WorldChanging book, with special messages from the WC team, as well as a thank you in the book itself.

If $500 is more ready cash than you have at hand, we'd be extremely thankful for whatever you can do: we only have until Saturday to make our $50K goal, and while things are going really well, we still need to raise a bunch. Please give generously, if you can.

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How about this? I'll give you $25 (sorry, but I'm skint) on Friday. Now, if enough other people will chip in here, using this comment thread, we can put together another group to give that final $500. (If that doesn't happen, well, I'll still pony up the $25.)

Posted by: Bill Hooker on 18 Apr 06

Oh hey, I just checked the pledge, it seems you have four takers already. Oh well, $25 on its way from me.

Posted by: Bill Hooker on 18 Apr 06

Thank you Bill.

Yes, I can confirm that the pledge conditions have been reached. Thanks to all who have signed up. If there are any other waverers out there, the pledge is still open for another couple of days so please, if you want to join in, feel free to sign.

Posted by: Tony Fisk on 18 Apr 06

Thanks, everyone, that's great!

Please note that even though the pledge has been realized, you can still make donations, and any donation of $500 or more will still receive a special signed edition of the book and our thanks in print.

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 19 Apr 06



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