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Oops, Sorry About That: Climate Change is Real, After All
Alex Steffen, 28 Apr 06

RealClimate today points out that the key piece of peer-reviewed research used politically by climate denialists was, well, botched:

Today, Science published an important comment pointing out that there were serious errors in a climate research article that it published in October 2004. The article concerned (Von Storch et al. 2004) was no ordinary paper: it has gone through a most unusual career. Not only did it make many newspaper headlines [New Research Questions Uniqueness of Recent Warming, Past Climate Change Questioned etc.] when it first appeared, it also was raised in the US Senate as a reason for the US not to join the global climate protection efforts. It furthermore formed a part of the basis for the highly controversial enquiry by a Congressional committee into the work of scientists, which elicited sharp protests last year by the AAAS, the National Academy, the EGU and other organisations. It now turns out that the main results of the paper were simply wrong.

The full post at RC is worth reading, in part because it gives some useful insight into the process by which the science eventually corrects itself. But the capsule take away is this: Climate is complex. Science is complex. There's still a lot of research to be done to explain how quickly climate change is unfolding and what its impacts are and will be. But with every passing day, it is clearer and clearer that climate change is here.

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Cy d'Oliveira

Posted by: Cy d'Oliveira on 30 Apr 06



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