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Rustle the Leaf
Jeremy Faludi, 14 May 06

Speaking of environmentalists with a sense of humor, here's an eco-oriented comic strip that's actually funny: Rustle the Leaf. The main characters are leaves (Rustle), acorns, and such, and although it's intended as an edutainment sort of thing, it's usually as funny as the strips you see on a normal comics page (better than many, in fact). Poke through their archives, some are real zingers.

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This is funny? It reads like "Mallard Fillmore". Indeed, the strips seem to have the same plot as "Mallard Fillmore":

Frame 1: Political issue referred to.
Frame 2: Question asked by foil character.
Frame 3: Answer to the effect of "Because anyone who disagrees is a poopy-head."

This is an embarrassment to environmentalists.

Posted by: Anonymous on 14 May 06

Hey--everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion, but an embarrassment? Really?

Wow...We'll need to make sure the 60 chapters and groups of Sierra Club and the national web site for the Green Party of the United States and the two United Nations educational sites and Orion Online (the web site for the publication called "America's finest environmental magazine" by the Boston Globe) all get the news that they've been duped. If only all those scientists, educators, Ph.Ds and lifelong environmental warriors had the intellectual insight and critical discernment of this curiously anonymous commenter.

Somebody's an embarrassment to environmentalists, all right...


Dave Ponce, Co-Creator
Rustle the Leaf Environmental Comics

Posted by: Dave on 14 May 06

Hi! I'm completely new to this site, so maybe you've already mentioned it... The Onion recently made me laugh outloud (at myself), with this:

Sometimes it's easy to get so involved and enraged - it's nice to have a laugh once and awhile!

Posted by: Heidi Burns on 14 May 06

I like that your comic includes lesson plans and curriculum guides. Rustle didn't make me laugh out loud like the old Bloom County cartoons used to do but I admire where you're doing with it.

Posted by: evonne on 14 May 06



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